Reviews Dietonus

  • Gisela

    Weight lost capsules Dietonus. Drew attention to the fact that they beat the appetite. Become, there is much less flour to be abandoned. After a month on the balance of minus 7 kg. Side effects was good health.

  • Susanne

    Not once dreamed that I get rid of huge belly. The daughter brought 2 packs of these capsules, and proposed to drink with you always. For the month, my stomach has become smaller at 10 cm, weight 12 kg. Now I'm happy with my figure. I advise dietonus all the girlfriends.

  • Andreas

    Of dietonus there is a real effect, and it is not a myth. I've stopped eating Junk Food. Striped 8 pounds per month, belly has decreased by 5 cm. My opinion — an effective drug with no side effects. Even become more active. Began to run on a regular basis. Health is normal, no fatigue.

  • Ingrid

    Even after 50 want to be beautiful and slim! Therefore, contracts and inken decided to Dietonus on the advice of a friend. Studied composition and found no chemistry. Only 100% Natural Substances. After taking the mid-abdomen, were 12 cm and went Cellulite. I feel a lot younger. And this in only a month!

  • Peter

    Back take one of these capsules a year and a half, to get rid of belly fat. For a long time for a seat at the end of a way of life and wrong eating. The result — 100 kg on the scale. For the month back to the previous 80 kg figure. With dietonus was more active and let me rarely fatty foods.

Reviews Dietonus