The right buckwheat diet for weight loss: 3 menu variants

The right buckwheat diet, this will be your chance of excess weight 5-10 kg in 2 weeks, get rid of, wherein the long-term efficiency.

Buckwheat Diet-Types

Buckwheat diet for weight loss results

  • In a short period of time is likely to lose a significant amount of pounds.
  • The body in addition to vitamins and nutrients.
  • A cleansing effect on the body, making it the slag and toxins.
  • Duration 2 weeks, recurrence is possible after a month.
  • With the correct buckwheat diet literally for 1 week can you lose weight from 5-10 kg.
  • The consumption of buckwheat has a rejuvenating and regenerating effect on the whole body and relieves of cellulitis.

For those, the wheat quickly and effectively lose weight book-diet is magical.

Eating habits

A great thing, my dear readers, all well-known and many beloved buckwheat in 100 grams of the whole 313 calories, but it is the main component remains the not only daily, but also diet. And most important of all, buckwheat is a full replacement for meat, thanks to its balanced content of proteins and iron.

A similar diet is not only good for its usefulness and simplicity in the preparation, but also the economy.

After all, whatever one may do, and if diet diet consists of simple, cheap and accessible to the public products, then it is always better than dishes made from rare, exotic components.

The right buckwheat-diet menu for every day

Make a menu a week in such a diet is almost impossible, since it implies the consumption of a product. But after all, maybe a bit of variety:

  • Breakfast – soaked semolina, cover with boiling water, with the addition of fruits with a high content of Vitamin C.
  • Lunch – semolina, soaked with boiling water Plus a salad of fresh cucumbers, or cabbage in vegetable oil.
  • Dinner – semolina, cover with boiling water soaked.

In this menu, you fill the body plenty of fluids: water, fruit compote or fruit broth without sugar. Sugar is strictly prohibited, but you can replace it with honey. Honey need to cook add in the broth or on the basis of the broth. And also, if possible, the buckwheat, pour yogurt over night. Permitted in the course of the day, poor yogurt, dilute it with yogurt or fat.

Buckwheat Diet Menu

Pass on the Mono-diet 6 additional products can add

  • Kefir (a Liter);
  • Fruit: orange, tangerine, pineapple, apples, Grapefruit;
  • Tea green;
  • Dill, Parsley, Coriander;
  • Honey (about 1 teaspoon per day);
  • Soy sauce in buckwheat, it didn't seem to übersüßen.

The right book wheat-based diet provides a certain number of products. Other products should be excluded.

Advantages and disadvantages of monodiets

In the book a fairly high calorie content wheat. Content of buckwheat in large amounts of vegetable protein can lose weight, without the feeling of hunger and related side effects such as weakness and dizziness. The disadvantage can be considered the monotony and limitations of the products used.


Contraindicated this method of weight loss at reduced pressure and Diabetes. People who have problems with gastro-intestinal gastro-tract will also benefit. And, of course, pregnant and lactating women, this type of weight loss is not suitable.

Nutritional advice

One of the hard and strict diets. Therefore, if you decide on a similar method to lose weight, consider whether there are enough forces your body to withstand such a diet. And even if you managed it within 1-2 weeks, all Tests suffer and to achieve significant results, it is important to store these numbers. To win is not to pounds is possible, if the following guidelines:

  • the output has to be implemented gradually: slowly other foods to introduce in the diet;
  • not after 18.00, when all hurt the same this rule, it is not necessary to eat too much;
  • the food intake is in small portions, chew food thoroughly;
  • you can reduce the amount of flour, sweet, salty, spicy;
  • drink at least a couple of liters of water per day;
  • the physical exercises can help well, save you lose weight the result.

Buckwheat-Diet-Recipe: 3 Options

So, I propose to consider several options, starting from the most strict, for you to force of will, but they short-term, up to a lighter, delicious and healthy dishes made from buckwheat, which is almost always.

Buckwheat diet is suitable for who
  1. Menu for the 7 days.
  2. Kefir – Buckwheat-Menu.
  3. The soup is made of buckwheat.

Buckwheat – groats, which belongs to the category of complex carbohydrates, the self is completely self-sufficient dish it self, without unnecessary additives. And also the book wheat split a long time to feel so very long a feeling of satiety.

Menu for 7 days

If you set the goal for 7 days to reset 3 to 4 kilograms of live weight and cleanse the body of excess toxins and water, you can choose buckwheat Mono diet.
The bottom line is that all of the 7 days to eat only buckwheat porridge without spices, without salt, without oil... and not cooked.

Instead of cooking, for the preparation of daily dose of 0, then in the evening, pour 5 kg of buckwheat, half a Liter of water and let it soak overnight. This mass is ready for consumption in the morning, but what is the most important, it also continues all of the necessary vitamins and elements. Want to eat this porridge as much and when we want to. Per day drink green tea without sugar or other useful liquid, juice, or bottled water.

If you are not grits overwhelm a pound, you can reduce the amount of, the main thing is the aspect ratio of 1: 3. The only drawback – the last part of a such a mush food does not have to go later than 3-4 hours before bedtime.

  1. A less strict variant.

    You eat the same porridge, but they add to the daily ration of a Liter of butter milk. It is proved, buckwheat with Kefir goes with a Bang, these 2 products can be used individually and together, they complement each other perfectly. In addition, Kefir, as a rule on the prohibition of eat not to drink not applicable. You should be aware of? Since it's not sitting in a pretty tough diet, to your to for a long time, 7 days is much too long a time, the only healthy people can afford.

  2. Very passable food.

    Buckwheat is in the Form of a pretty tasty, nutritious and healthy soup. Prepare it so: in the three-litre pan, pour water, sleep wheat in a glass washed, paper, season with salt and let it cook on low heat. While he is cooking, cook zazharku in olive oil onions and carrots, then cut peppers, celery and other herbs. We throw everything in a pot, we cook for 10 minutes, then remove from the heat and existence. It gives the soup 3 to 7 days maximum.

Buckwheat Diet-Output

The output of buckwheat diet

  • The output must be simple, start with oatmeal in the morning and boiled eggs.
  • For lunch, eat lean meat with vegetables salad.
  • For dinner, you can eat low-fat cottage cheese or yogurt.

The stomach should not be overloaded oily and heavy food. All that work for nothing. If we stay in this menu, don't get bogged down, the result will not wait long. The pounds are melting in the eyes. In General, the right buckwheat diet can bring not only for the short period, a figure in the order, but also the whole organism to restore is a dream for many women.