The best exercises for losing weight at home

Many people can not be forced to do the Fitness in sports clubs.

In such a Situation, you can start Training at home.


Below you will find the most effective exercises for the different muscle groups that help you lose weight.

The most important rules of exercises for losing weight at home

As with any physical activity, in order to achieve the desired result, you must follow the basic rules of exercise:

  1. The frequency of training should not be two to four times per week. Not to give less of the desired effect, more Stress for the body. You start with a Minimum to gradually increase the frequency of activities.
  2. During the training process, it is not recommended to take breaks. All the systems should run smoothly and without interruption.
  3. Take note of the recommendations for the time of the training process. The ideal time to remove the teaching period is 40 — 45 minutes. It is important to note that to start with these lengthy employment absolutely. It's best to start with the ten minute of the complex, by leaving it on 5-10 minutes per week to 40-45 minutes. Do not exceed should be the recommended setting. Redundant loads lead to a variety of diseases and serious changes in the working of the organism.
  4. You should perform each exercise correctly, exactly according to the instructions described. Very many beginners often forget about the technique of fulfillment, but that's what the end result depends. It is important to see this because often the body begins to look for the simplest way, especially if the person have not done sports. Here is an example on the basis of pumping the press. For the execution of the exercises, the man, gets the hands behind the head, then the legs bend at the knees and feet against the floor. When you exhale, the man lifts the trunk and pulls him to the feet, keep the elbows evenly, inhale back to the start position. Very many, through this exercise, forget about the need to stretch your abdominal muscles during the movement to exhale. If you have these Details, you can't reach over 200 approaches in a day and no result.
  5. Each exercise is important to start Training. This will help warm up your muscles without you during the training. Training Jogging can replace, it is recommended in the fresh air.

Before the workout, a glass of cold water, about a half hour before the start of the learning process. It's the right amount of liquid.

If during the training, very thirsty, then it is important to remember that you can not eat cold liquid. Allows you to drink only water at room temperature.

By drinking water, she SIPS her drink slowly. In addition, you can not drink sweetened or acidic liquids, as this will in the gastro-intestinal tract, which in the rest condition during physical activity.

Important! Is allowed to use not more than a glass of water or your kidneys start in the emergency mode.

The proper warm-up

Before Training, the body must warm up properly. This will protect you from injury.

As a warm-up perfectly circular Rotation of the joints after 10 approaches per route. In this way, you need to warm up the whole body.

  1. It is important to start with cervical vertebra, by slowly and not very deep circular rotation.
  2. Afterwards start up to the shoulders. On this palm set you on the shoulders and the joints rotate, initially 10 — 20 times in one direction, then the same in the other.
  3. The next level of the elbow. The hands pull to bend parallel to the ground and first in the elbow.
  4. Hands. You lift the arms, the hands were a little below eye level, and compress CAMS. Start the rotation of the palms, first one, then in the other direction.
  5. And waist movements back to the left — to-right. The fuselage unfolds, and the legs and hips remain immobile.
  6. The Loin. For this joint, required you to rotate your pelvis as you try to rotate the hula Hoop. Approaches on both sides.
  7. The feet bend at the best warm-up conventional knee. Hold them together, and the heels it is important, on the ground, press down firmly.

Morning exercises for the flexibility of the back

For many people, the problems with weight, there is an accompanying disease – osteochondrosis. It is called the disease also office staff, because Clerks are forced to look for a long time in a sitting Position.

Because of the osteochondrosis in the the brain the right amount of blood is not, what is the cause for frequent headaches, loss of vision and reduction of immunity. In order to overcome this Problem, to strengthen the back muscles, correct your posture and make a nice gear, useful five-step methodology.

It is good the spine is developed:

  1. Tumbleweed. First of all, you need to sit on the floor. Squats, squeezing on the chest, holding the heels together. Grasping with the hands at the ankles. "Hide" from the chin to the knee. The back curved out. Back in the rest position. Only 10-20 repetitions.
  2. Snake. You must lie on your stomach. Legs together, chin supported in the ground. The hands behind the back defensive back to throw at the same time the head back and took a look at the ceiling. Breathing through the nose, deep and uniform. Return to the starting position. Only 10 Reps.
  3. Mahi. For the original Position to stand. Legs are dotting far from 70 to 100 cm. The hands sticking out to the side parallel to the ground. Bend over in the direction of trying to keep up, with the right palm in front of the right foot. On the other Hand perpendicular to the body. For a while, stay here and return to the starting position. 5 gap in the one and the other side.
  4. Luk. For the original Position must lie on your stomach. Legs in the knees bent, the hands gently behind his back. Grab the ankle. At the same time, slowly hopping out of the ground. Lift chest and legs simultaneously as far as possible. It should be on the breathing. Exhale, return to the rest position.
  5. Fish. For the original positions. The spine should be relaxed and, if possible, pinned to the floor. Need to stretch my legs and they connect the heel and Miski, the hands under the neck. Breath deep. They stay short in this Position. Gradually, they start to imitate the movement of fish from the top-bottom and left-to-right. It is important that all of the body took the position, as if you are swimming. This exercise is 2 minutes.

A series of exercises for fast weight loss in the abdominal area and sides

The largest number of body fat accumulates in the area of the waist and abdomen. More you make the system, which helps to lose weight these problematic zones.

  1. Scissors. For the original positions. Loin cuddle on the floor and relax the neck. Lift the legs upward, at an angle 90ᴼ and movements of the scissors to impersonate, alternately, the scheme of movement: left foot over the right, then Vice versa — the right over the left. Repeat 15 times. And only then you can the lower leg.
  2. Oblique Muscles. For the original positions. To keep legs and knees bent and to the Maximum pull up to the buttocks. Then, the press margins, away from the ground, try to reach out the left open Hand in front of the right hip, then change hands and go back to the beginning position. A total of 10 approaches.
  3. Ironing. For starters, you need to be on the right side. Legs bend at the knees and lean against the bent right arm. Breath deep. The movement from the bottom to the top, the Hand and teach at the same time tense up the muscles on the abdomen. A total of 10 approaches with each Hand.
  4. Rotation. For the original Position. Keeping the legs stretched out in front of you, the heels and Myski. Rotations run to the left-to-right, holds the muscles to the stomach in a state of limbo. Back in the start position. Only 10 Reps.
  5. Table. For the starting position lie on your back. Bend the knee and lift the leg parallel to the floor. Lower the right leg touch the ground (without losing a set in the sole of the foot), at the same time charge press. Repeat with the second leg. Only 15 Approaches.

Legs, Thighs, Buttocks

For people at whom the main proportion of fat in the legs has accumulated, the following daily exercises for slim legs, thighs and buttocks:

  1. Mahi. For the starting position by going on all fours. Take the right leg to the rear (parallel to the ground), at the same time the left arm moves to the front. You pull "in different directions", how would try to stretch the spine. Repeat on the other side. Only 10-15 Reps.
  2. Mahi back. For the original Position next to the chair. Feet together, the hands resting on the chair. Tighten your abdomen and start the leg of a delay to the rear as far as possible without bending your knee. Keep it short. Repeat with the second leg. Only 15-20 reps.
  3. Lunges. For the original Position to stand, in the hands of the dumbbells (1-2 kg in weight). "Walk" with the right foot forward, bend the knee and bear weight on this leg. Return back and repeat on the other side. Then you go to a Reverse attack. Right foot far to "walk" back by a weight on you. Repeat with the second leg. Front and rear lunges have to make 10-15 times.
  4. Squats. For the original Position. Heel and Myski. Crouching on the legs, pulls at the same time the arms forward. Return to the starting position.Important! The heels scrape off the floor. A total of 25 approaches.
  5. Ballerina. For the original Position. Legs together, but do not press. Embark on Miski, stay for a second and return. Only 50 Approaches.

Best investment for slimming the face

The face also requires autogenic Training. Further, are the most powerful.

  1. Throw back you head and keep them short. Only for 10-15 approaches.
  2. Pull the chin as far as possible. The neck remains. Only 10-20 Approaches.
  3. Take a large, but not a heavy book. Put it on the head. Have to go through the space of 2-3 minutes, try to keep a book on your head.
  4. Pull the lips, pressing the muscles of the neck, but not move it. Only 25 Approaches.
  5. You speak the letter "And", "Have" a long tone, at the same time straining the muscles of the face. Only 20 approaches for each letter.

Exercises for shoulders and arms

Below you will find the most useful exercises that help with fat on the hands and strengthening of the muscles of the shoulder joint.

  1. PUSH-UPS. For the original Position of the hands around the butt in the ground, straddled, the width of the shoulders (you can a little bit wider, if too hard). Legs to "stand" on the fingers. Gently bend the elbow and down to the floor (not go). The back all the time just keep. Only 5-20 Approaches.
  2. Pushups on the chair. For the initial position and hold the hands on a chair, the legs to the back and collide with the fingers in the floor, then repeat the movement from the previous exercise. Only 10-20 Approaches.
  3. Triceps. We sit on the floor next to the chair. Hands back and take us to grab the hands of the chair. The feet rest on the heels. We start to rise on the palms of the hands, perform the movement to the bottom-up. Run 20-25 times.
  4. Side-to-side swings with dumbbells. For the original Position. In your hands you hold the dumbbells from 0.5 — 2 kg. Defensive hands in the side at a right angle. Short stay and return to the starting position. Run 30 times.
  5. Pull Up The Dumbbells. For the original Position. In each Hand a dumbbell. We stretch the hands in front of you, be we for a second, then hands tighten. Required only 25-30 approaches.

The choice of technique, it is always important to remember that the most important thing is the regularity of the training.

Pay attention to your body.

Only 15-20 minutes a day and you will begin to lose weight, good mood and healthy appearance.