Protein diet — the essence of, before, food and menu

The word "diet" is driving often, people in the Depression. Not all like the prospect of a day eat fresh food, limit constantly and dispense "tasty".

Protein Menu

But not so the devil is terrible (in our case, dietary food), what to paint it. Self-restraint and lean food on all diets. For example, the Protein diet is quite nutritious. By staying on you in a short period of time you reduce the weight, indulging in so-loved by all of us milk -, meat-and fish-products.

The essence of the Protein diet

The essence of the Protein diet is simple — a Minimum of carbohydrates and fat, a maximum of proteins. Minimum does not mean the complete absence. Fats and carbohydrates are essential in the diet of the people. However, you consume Protein diet prescribes that in the Form of small portions, together with sweaty types of meat, fish and other types of Protein.

Remember the basic rule of diet food: no diet should not harm to the body cause.

The role of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in the body

Protein – "the Foundation and the walls of the" cells and organs of the human body. Its increase in the diet strengthens the body and normalizes the weight. But the building blocks of the human organism held, you need to "cementing" and "smearing" of the other substances.

The best "lubricant" is fat. But you should use in a strictly standardized panel cutout quantity. Surplus leads to various problems, of which obesity is still the hardest.

Carbohydrates — Energy Sources. But their number in comparison to Protein should be significantly lower. If the calories are not consumed, they are in the Form of additional Kilos. Want to be in shape — beware, sweet, baking, bananas, grapes, figs and other sources of carbohydrates.

The rules of food intake

There are a number of rules, the execution of which makes a diet successful.

Here are the most important of them are:

  • you drink in the morning on an empty stomach a glass of warm water or water with lemon;
  • Breakfast after a half an hour after waking up;
  • Rice and cereals are in the first half of the day;
  • Citrus fruits, and unsweetened fruit allowed until 14:00;
  • only vegetable oil, a few tablespoons per day;
  • in each meal, proteins must be present;
  • Dinner 3 hours before bedtime;
  • one day, 5-6 meals should be;
  • drink at least 1,5-2 liters of water per day;
  • are prohibited from starchy foods, sweet fruits, sauces;
  • Products eat them raw, baked, without the sauces and cheese, cooked.

Advantages and disadvantages of the diet

Menu Protein weight loss diets

Like any other method, the Protein drop excess weight, diet for weight loss has its advantages and its disadvantages.


Among the undisputed advantages of Protein diet the following points:

  1. Safety. You use the products do not harm the body, if the Person is no individual intolerance of some of them.
  2. Beautiful shape and long-term results. Without carbs, forcing them to consume the body and your inventories, "eat" extra fat.
  3. Fast enough to eat. Protein-rich food quickly, Hunger. After you do not want to eat something.
  4. A steady diet can.
  5. Protein diet + Sport approach to accelerate the desired result.


Disadvantages of the Protein diet significantly less, but they are still there:

  1. Long without carbs (strict diet) fraught with problems in the work of the brain, nervous system, unpleasant smell from the mouth and from the body.
  2. Such a diet is contraindicated, if there are problems in the work of the kidneys, of the gastro-intestinal tract and cardiovascular system.

A complete overview of all the products

Below you will find the complete table with the protein-rich food at the. In the table content is given to Protein and fat for 100g of product. Save the table and print them if needed.

Options Menu

Baked, boiled, steam, stew — process for the preparation of food with Protein diet. Consumed raw vegetables and fruit may be. On request, they can be treated also expose to heat.

The dishes on this menu are not Pall. The main thing to remember is that in the compulsory food intake to 150-200 grams of Protein should. Variations of dishes, depending on the duration of the diet. A special mode can be 7, 10, 14 and 30 days.

Menu for 7 days

In order to determine whether Protein diet, we will offer for the beginning, try diet menu for a week. In this Option menu for 7 days, you can make your edits, depending on personal preference or compatibility with the organism of this or other products.

Day 1 Breakfastlow-fat cottage cheese, tea/coffee without sugar
Between meal1 Apple
LunchBeef stew with vegetables
Between mealCup of simple yogurt or yogurt without additives
DinnerVegetable soup
Day 2 BreakfastOatmeal with the addition of dry fruit, tea or coffee without sugar
Between meal1 orange
LunchChicken broth with vegetables
Between mealTo store cheese without additives, cheese
Dinnerbaked fish with fresh herbs and spices
Day 3 BreakfastOmelet made up of several proteins, tea or coffee without sugar
Between meala handful of berries or a piece of fruit
LunchSoup with broccoli and chicken fillet
Between meala glass of butter milk
Dinnerboiled fish and vegetables
Day 4 Breakfastlow-fat cottage cheese, tea/coffee
Between meala glass of freshly squeezed juice
LunchSteamed fish with rice, 100 grams of salad from vegetables
Between meala handful of nuts
DinnerVegetable broth
Day 5 Breakfasttwo boiled hard-boiled eggs with a slice of bread, meal, tea or coffee without sugar
Between meal1 baked Apple
Lunch200 G of beef with beans
Between meala glass of butter milk or yoghurt without additives
Dinnerbaked fish and vegetable salad
Day 6 Breakfast2 pancakes made from cottage cheese, tea or coffee without sugar
Between mealan orange or half a Grapefruit
Lunch200 G of salad, cooked meat
Between mealtwo hard-boiled eggs
DinnerChicken fillet steamed with salad
Day 7 BreakfastSteamed fish with a side of asparagus, tea/coffee without sugar
Between mealApple
Lunchthe veal meat in a pot with vegetables
Between mealunsweetened curd
DinnerSoup with meatballs
This is the approximate menu for a week with the Protein diet. They fit him depending on your personal preferences. On the Internet a lot of different recipes, it is easy. In this diet quite really 5-7 kilograms per week reset. Protein diet for weight loss

Menu for 10 days

Quick weight loss results guaranteed rigid Protein-Mono-diet – day allowed to eat only one type of products without the addition of oils and spices. Be sure to drink about 2 litres of water a day. Coffee is not permitted. This diet is quite possible 10 lose pounds in 10 days.

Approximate nutrition for Mono-Protein diet:

Day 1 – eggOn this day, only boiled eggs are allowed to eat
Day 2 – FishA or boiled fish – as a main dish.
Day 3 – CheeseLow-fat cottage cheese, recommended amount – up to 1 kg.
Day 4 – ChickenBoiled or baked chicken without the skin.
Day 5 – PotatoTo eat only the potatoes in Uniform.
Day 6 – SpicyBoiled beef or veal, the ration of the day.
Day 7 – VegetablesRaw, boiled, steamed vegetables – the food for the whole day. Is it forbidden only for the potatoes.
Day 8 – fruityIt is desirable to give preference to fruits with a sour taste. Forbidden are bananas and grapes.
Day 9 – KefirLow-fat or low-fat yogurt is eat.
Day 10 – RosehipThis day is the drinks at least a Liter of belongs to drink broth of a dogrose.

After such a diet, the result is obvious. But the frequent monodiets can also cause damage, especially the digestive system. It was a strict variant of the Protein diet. These ten days, you eat as food can, such as in the weekly weight loss.

Menu for 14 days

Day 1


Breakfastlow-fat cottage cheese, green tea
Between mealan Apple
LunchRabbit stewed with boiled peas or green beans
Between meala glass of butter milk
Dinnerbaked fish and tomato salad with lettuce and lemon juice
Day 2


BreakfastOatmeal with fruit, tea/coffee without sugar
Between mealhalf or a whole Grapefruit
LunchBeef stewed in a clay pot with vegetables
Between meala glass of milk
Dinnerboiled fish, boiled Wild (brown) rice
Day 3Breakfast2 boiled eggs, 2 slices of one-piece corn bread, "empty" tea
Between meala handful of dried fruit
LunchVegetable soup with meatballs
Between mealCup Of Yogurt
DinnerChicken fillet baked with vegetables
Day 4Breakfasta glass of butter milk and 2 one-piece grain bread, or diet cookies
Between mealBaked Apple
LunchCalf meat and a simple salad of tomatoes and peppers
Between meala handful of nuts
DinnerSeafood Cocktail with algae
Day 5


Breakfastlow-fat cottage cheese with dried fruit, green tea without sugar
Between meala whole orange
LunchFish stew, tomatoes and lemon juice
Between meala glass of butter milk
DinnerChicken steam cutlets and salad
Day 6


Breakfast2 boiled eggs, salad and tea/coffee without sugar
Between mealan Apple
LunchVeal stew with cabbage
Between meala glass of low-fat milk
Dinnerboiled beans with vegetables, salad, yogurt
Day 7BreakfastMilk porridge
Between meala few crackers and tea
Lunchbraised chicken liver with tomato and peppers
Between meala glass of butter milk
DinnerCanned fish and salad from cucumbers, peppers and lettuce
Day 8Breakfasta couple of cheese-cottage cheese-baked cake and tea without sugar
Between mealfresh juice from fruit or berries
Lunchboiled veal with Sauerkraut
Between mealYoghurt without additives
DinnerSalad of boiled eggs and vegetables, yogurt
Day 9Breakfastbaked fish with asparagus, tea or coffee without sugar
Between mealany citrus fruit
LunchVeal with boiled peas
Between mealCottage cheese with nuts
DinnerSalad and meatballs
Day 10


BreakfastOatmeal, tea/coffee without sugar
Between mealApple
LunchChicken sausages, salad with cabbage and cucumber under lemon juice
Between meala glass of butter milk
DinnerVegetable soup with broccoli
Day 11BreakfastFruit salad, green tea
Between meala handful of nuts
LunchBraised Beef, Vinaigrette
Between mealSoufflé of Ricotta
DinnerFish baked with spices, boiled vegetables
Day 12Breakfastboiled eggs, one-piece-grain-crispbread, tea
Between mealvegetable Fresh
LunchVegetable soup with chicken breast
Between meallow-fat cottage cheese
DinnerRabbit, stewed with vegetables
Day 13


Breakfasta glass of milk and diet cookies
Between mealfew hlebtsov meal
Lunchboiled chicken with rice, vegetables, salad
Between mealCup of yogurt without additives
DinnerFish soup, salad of tomatoes
Day 14BreakfastCottage cheese with fruit, tea or coffee without sugar
Between meala handful of fresh or thawed berries
LunchBeef, stewed with beans
Between meala glass of butter milk
DinnerSeafood Cocktail with vegetable salad

After losing two weeks on a Protein diet, even up to 10 kg. But in contrast to the 10-day program, weight goes on smoothly and is gentle on the body mode.

Menu for a month

Perseverance most people can choose and 30-day program weight. The principle is similar, but need a lot more power. However, all of impressive results compensated. Some of the empty can in such a short period of time of up to 20 kg.