10 of the most effective exercises for slimming thighs at home

If you have decided to lose weight and acquire a slim Silhouette and the tight legs, the best way, the implementation of special exercises and rational, well-balanced diet.

But a good Supplement that can help you bring your dream into reality, is the use of additional methods. Massages, various body wraps — such methods, there are very many! But the first step is to start doing it with the physical load. We offer to your attention the Rating of the 10 most effective exercises for slimming thighs at home.

Squats SUMO

Top 10 exercises for thighs at home

All of the following movement hips perfectly through the Zone, promote the formation of lean burn legs and fat, but we sorted according to their effectiveness. After our last TOP 10 of the best exercises for buttocks good Feedback from readers, we have decided to have a same for the thighs. But since most of the loads are essential, it is not surprising that many of them overlap. So there you go.

Squats SUMO

Squats are considered the best exercises for slimming thighs at home. They are good through the inside of the thighs and buttocks.

About 7 different types of squats and the difference between them you can see here.

  1. Back straight, legs drawn up, basin wide, hands with dumbbells along the body.
  2. Tap your pelvis and slowly we sit in the knees up to the formation of the right angle.
  3. Get up, stretch the legs in the knees. During the implementation of the exercise, the body posture, the head does not reduce.

On average, you need to fifteen reps with several approaches. Squat with dumbbells, start with minimal weight.

Lunges in the direction of

The inner and outer side of the thighs and buttocks study. Forming a beautiful Relief to the feet.

There are 7 different types of attacks — here you'll learn how they differ.

  1. Legs wider than shoulder-width apart, arms bend at the elbows and on the belt.
  2. The right leg, turn in the direction of the knee. The weight of the body falls on the right foot and the left leg leg.
  3. You control your attitude, the raised chin, only the lower part of the body. Make a lunge on the left leg.

Perform two to three sets of fifteen times.

The Romanian bar with dumbbells

Study the buttocks and thigh muscles. We remove excess fat, the slim hips.

  1. Stand upright and bend the knees slightly.
  2. Bend the knee to a right angle, we. The hands with dumbbells to move to the front part of the thigh to mid-leg and back again appeared shortly before the Stop.

Perform two to three sets of twelve or fifteen times. You start with small weights.

Mahi feet

Mahi feet

Study of buttocks and the muscles of the front and inner side of the thigh. Free you enjoy thick hips and buttocks, make slender legs. To inflate and expand the upper weights legs use.

There are 4 different types of Makhov for the development of different sides of the hip.

  1. Stand up straight, the Hand to hold, to support.
  2. Therefore, a straight leg use in the page, so that the swing with the maximum Amplitude.
  3. Follow the posture, back straight while performing the exercise, the housing does not tilt, only works the leg.

On each leg number of sets, twelve reps, from two to five.

Exercise "high-chair" (static)

"High chair", despite its apparent simplicity, promotes the burning of calories and exercise is great for the rounding of the hips and the buttocks.

  1. We stand with our backs to the wall and away from her in semi-tones.
  2. Building on the back, start to go down on an imaginary chair. And in the hip and knee of the right angle-to joints when we sit on a chair.
  3. Hands fall down, or on the chest cross.
  4. Hold this Position for as long as possible – one or two minutes.

The optimal number of repetitions for "education" ideal thigh — two to five times.

Reverse Hyperextension

You Are Working Your Abdominal Muscles, Back, Thighs, Buttocks.

  1. For the implementation of the exercise, you will need two chairs or two chairs that put you in the vicinity. The main thing is that the design is stable. You lay on your stomach, so that the body from the hip joints to the shoulder joints.
  2. The legs are on the ground, supporting himself with the fingers of the feet on the floor. Place your hands comfortably under the breast.
  3. On the exhale, fall to lift the legs on a line with the body and inspiration.

Repeat eight to ten times.


You Are Working Your Abdominal Muscles, Back, Thighs. The exercise promotes a lean line of the hips and cleans legs the ears (wings) of the upper. "Scissors" is not the only exercise, the legs of the cleaning, the "ears" on the top.

  1. You lay down on the floor, hands parallel to the body, lower back pressed to the ground.
  2. The feet from the floor dissolves under the small angle. Ideally, if the feet are not touching as close as possible to the ground, but.
  3. We lead the movement of the legs, as if swimming. Legs in the knees do not bend. It is also conceivable that the movements are reminiscent of the movement of the shear blades – leg approaches the ground, the other of him.
  4. The Amplitude of the movements is smaller, the load on the hips.

Repeat ten times.


The platform is a space for gymnastics Bank. Carrying out the exercises helps to keep the muscles in tone and to burn calories. Charged to the front, inside and back of the thighs and the buttocks.

  1. Take the dumbbells in Hand and make the step to the platform with the left foot. It must be standing on the platform, forming a right angle.
  2. Leg extensions at the knee and lift both feet on the platform. We are for a second and fall to the ground.
  3. We perform a fixed number of steps first for the left foot, and then the same for the right.
  4. The pace of implementation of the appropriations, control over the balance.
Selegiline on the platform

The number of exercises for the toning of the thighs – ten – twelve, with several approaches.

Lunges with bounce

Exercise to burn perfect calories, strengthens the muscles of the thigh and Shin. The intensity of this strain that contribute to the size of the thighs and make the foot look smaller and thinner. Such insults perfectly clean, the fat between the legs so that the Lumen can reach.

  1. Stand up straight, make the right foot a step forward and shift your body weight.
  2. The right leg should be bent at a right angle, the knee of the left leg is almost parallel to the ground. Keep your posture with a straight back and extended shoulders.
  3. The building is on your right foot, to the top and deep in the same place is jumping. During the jump you can help yourself bar with the hands.
  4. The next attack is on the left leg.

The number of attacks for the formation of the thigh – to twelve with several approaches.

Squat "Pistol"

The muscles of the legs work with the largest load. Strong stress when you Squat, the knee joint undergoes. The exercise is based on the high degree of difficulty and is for those who have a good physical preparation.

  1. Perform squats on one leg, and the other to the front. Exercise develops the coordination (in the initial phase during which the Hand can hold for the Bank).
  2. Then repeat the "gun" for the other foot.

Exercise perfect calories and pumping burns the muscles of the legs. The number of exercises for the thighs – ten – twelve.

5 proven training complex

What I need to do to the thigh, apart from the thin, of each of the exercises? There are also all the training complex, the use of which can show very good results in weight loss of your whole body, thighs, and zones in particular. Present to you the Top 5 of the most effective programs.

Body Flex

Body Flex is a perfect load for the thighs and buttocks. The exercises exercises are a combination of breathing with the execution of certain exercises.

Breathing exercises, or so-called diaphragmatic breathing, with the aid of which there is an active saturation of the body with oxygen, promotes cell renewal of the body.

This happens, when the breath, exhale after the show, nervous and fast.

Target body Flex-strengthen the muscles and improve the General condition of the body is slimming. How to thighs, hips and upper, or at least to reduce? Who constantly body Flex exercises, in General, never suffering from excess weight.


Is a Stretching exercises, which helps remove the thigh, improving the General health and physical condition, to prevent pain in the spine and the joints.

This type of Fitness is as self-Training, as well as in autogenic Training.

Stretching helps improve the elasticity of the muscles and ligaments, promotes the preparation for the military loads. Therefore, all of the exercises are recommended to always start with Stretching.

Span deal rod, you can improve to take the state of the nervous system and mental stress. This type of Fitness promotes the formation of beautiful hips, a slim figure and a perfect attitude.

Body Flex


Is a special series of physical and breathing exercises to improve the flexibility of the body, strengthening the muscles and ligaments, the development of coordination. Sports activities this kind of Fitness will help relieve tension in the muscles, improve sleep.

Pilates has no age restriction, you can group with people of any age as well as men and women.

There is a special set of exercises during pregnancy, which performance has a positive effect on the health and mood of the woman and prepares the body for childbirth.


There are certain models of the female figure with its forms, and for each of them will be selected to certain complex exercises. Implementation of special exercises for the improvement of the settings of a certain figure and will take you to the reference.

The Shaping is perfect to get rid of for the study Zone hips and pounds make a slim waist. The exercises are suitable for wide hips and the burning of excess volume of the muscles.

The complex is formed individually for every woman and focuses on the mediation of the figure Pro-rata Form.


Is a kind of Fitness in the different types of load on different muscle groups, including the hip, in a high-Tempo. The main goal – the development of the fine physical Form.

CrossFit can do gymnastics, a variety of exercises, obstacle course, activities in the gym, weight training,. It depends on the exercise programs, the data day. The next day, a different kind of program put together.

Specificity of crossfit – a small, but very intense duration. This type of Training develops your physical Form, reaction speed, endurance, logical thinking in a precarious Situation.

How to thighs, the fat from the top 6 effective methods and tips

Alone, the physical activity you achieve good results. But for a fast fat burning and fix the result requires an integrated approach. How to lose weight in your thighs at home, apart from the physical stress? In the end, we present you 6 of the most effective methods of weight loss, including the hip.

A special diet for the thighs

The restriction of the diet – the first thing you need to consider when you need to be emaciated to Poland. The principles of nutrition in the reduction of body weight by reducing the calorie content of the products used and usage in the diet of healthy foods.

Nutritionists do not recommend back apply strict diet, since after the application of the weight back.

The sensible thing to do is a calorie-reduced diet and replace high-calorie foods with low-calorie products. In this way, manages to chase away and burn to achieve fat and lean thighs.

An important exception is the consumption of deep-fried food, since you double the calorie content of each food.

Please note! A necessary condition for the weight loss is the use of simple pure water, in addition to all other beverages.

Breathing exercises for losing weight

There are different directions and types of breathing exercises. You all help get rid of fat on the thighs and stabilize in the abdominal area, weight, the promotion of the active splitting of fat cells, strengthen the immune system, improve the mood, give the gift of vitality of body and mind. Your goal is not to just lose weight, but also the strengthening of the health.


No wonder that in many practices, especially the breathing exercises, it is paid to an important place. Part of the respiratory is wearing exercises literally in all the complex exercises, which we carry out: "breathing out tension, breathing – relaxation".

Breathing exercises it is recommended for weight loss in combination with any type of physical exercises: swimming,. You must use and the principles of a balanced diet.

Training on Cardio machines

Cardio contribute to the strengthening of the muscles, the burning of body fat in the thigh, increase endurance, train the cardiovascular and respiratory system.

You can try every Trainer, in the highest degree suitable for you, you can practice on them. Stepper or treadmill, Crosstrainer or exercise bike – the choice is yours!

How to thighs, the fat from the top? Engage in the home for at least 30-40 minutes per day. If you exercise several times a week on one of them, then, only with excess weight and strengthen the thigh muscles after just a few months of Training.

In the free Training

The combination of different types of motor activity – walking, suspect run, obstacle course, long jump, various kinds of outdoor gyms.

Run excellent helps in the fight against the imperfections in the hips, he doesn't have the costs and a large expenditure of time.

Such Trainings are usually develop very useful for the organism, improving immunity, stamina, in order to promote weight loss, improve metabolism.

Promotes their motor skills, the Person becomes leaner, the muscles in the thighs to be tightened and the change of the temperature conditions, strengthens and toughens the body. Sports physician Training combine to recommend in the hall or at home with the outdoor Training.