Download for weight loss at home

Morning exercise for weight loss a slim figure, muscle building, health improvement, improvement is necessary for the purchase. Can you perform at home. There are a couple of effective exercises to work the gluteal muscles, abdomen, neck and other muscles. You still need to devices, not even sports. You can also use the possibility of the load time from 5 to 20 min.


Use Early Sports

Charge to lose weight at home should be done regularly and comprehensively.

Use charging in the morning:

  • Improvement of endurance and performance. Of physical activity, the blood is more active, moves through the blood vessels, and organs with nutrients and oxygen;
  • the recovery of the organism. Improves the function of the respiratory tract, of the brain. In addition, we achieved positive changes in the body posture of the people, which is also to eliminate certain diseases;
  • in a good mood even in the case of an early awakening. Spend charging them under the invigorating music;
  • Improvement in sleep-mode. Triggered biological clock, a man lies down to sleep at certain times, to Wake up in the morning with ease.

Make small fee you can every day, but it is important not to overdo it.

How to morning exercises at home

The positive effect can only be achieved if practiced regularly. The selected complex of 4 up to 7 times per week. With less repetitions the result can manifest for a long time. Overreliance on morning gymnastics can lead to fatigue, tiredness. The load was gradually increased.

Tips for charging:

  1. Before the start of the morning exercises, you should create a positive attitude.
  2. It is recommended to ventilate the room and wear light, comfortable clothing.
  3. You can drink a glass of water, but a full Breakfast consumed only after the execution of the exercise.
  4. Lose weight start with a 10 – min. charging, gradually increasing the time up to 15 and 20 min.
  5. Focus on all the muscles, but not only, to the press or the buttocks.
  6. Exercises must be alternated. The same movement, the more benefit constantly, after a while.
  7. To reduce the likelihood of injury, the loading process must begin with a warm-up.
  8. For the fat combustion recommended charging time 20 – 30 min.

The effect of exercises you can Home Fitness inventory:

Morning gymnastics
  • Skipping rope;
  • hula-Hoop hula-Hoop;
  • pliable;
  • Dumbbell.

Jump rope – independent Cardio exercise that is suitable for fat-burning, increase in the Tonus of the organism.

Morning exercises to lose weight at home

To remove the charge home to the elaboration of the abdominal muscles, arms, and legs, the buttocks:was made up of several exercises for

  1. The Position of the body standing. Bred hands above the head, to the breath and to the output sinks. Repeat this movement not less than 10 times should be.
  2. You need to straighten up, just your feet and hands to the sides. Bend one leg and lift, at the same time the knee-elbow touch the opposite Hand. Repeat the same, without an arm and a leg 10 times.
  3. Squats. The hands over the head lift and squat, bend the lower back. The hands lowered to the ground. You Make 10 Reps.
  4. The inclinations of the trunk – 10 times. The hull tends to be parallel to the ground, at the same time with the fingers over the fingers of the left Hand to the right foot, and Vice versa. The free raise your Hand straight up.
  5. To place the fingers of the hands to the shoulders. By turning the elbow back and forward 10 times.
  6. Running on the spot. You take a position and start the movement of the legs remain in place. Duration – 1 minutes of exercise, 1 min. the peace and quiet. The number of repetitions – 3 times. After a few days of the exercise, you can repeat 5-7 times.

Prior to the start of the morning Fitness lover, drink a glass of water, and after 30 min, a full, nutritious and healthy Breakfast apply.

For Beginners

Some health problems can they fix it by the morning exercise.

Beginners should use some rules:

  • the charging process is divided into 3 phases: warm up, main part and final exercises;
  • Castle
  • prepare the body for physical activity, you can get out of bed – Stretching, bending the head and of the body from front to back in a slow pace;
  • after the workout, you can wash a morning procedure, brush your teeth, and you start looking at the parts;
  • for each case, you must be a certain set of exercises. You can choose for yourself, or in consultation with a specialist.

Simple movements for beginners:

  1. Bending the head and trunk on the sides, alternately.
  2. Rotation of the hands with the fingers up to the shoulders and make circular movements with the elbow.
  3. "The Castle". Hands connecting in my hands and turn to himself, and of himself.
  4. A tilt of the upper body forward, the fingers must touch the ground.
  5. Tilts to the right – to-left. A Hand is raised, the other on the waist. According to the 2 inclination of the Position change.
  6. Squats – 3 sets of 10 times.
  7. Mahi Feet. You will need a chair. Holding his hands behind his chair, one leg removed, back in a straight Position. Other variant – lunges forward, deep a while crouching.

For strengthening the muscles of the bark bar", as well as the skirt can make "press and pushups from the floor or wall. The entire process takes approximately 15-20 min.

For fast weight loss

The fees for weight loss at home in the morning, before Breakfast.

Remove Pages:

  1. On the knees, make the slopes in different directions. The hands outstretched over the head.
  2. To do In a standing Position, the upper body circular movements. The hands in the neck.
  3. Rotation of the upper part of the body. The bottom should remain as stationary. Thus it is necessary to make sure that kink in the waist appeared.
  4. Standing up, Stretching – bending in the one and the other direction to the limit, keeping the hands in the neck. Must, stay on S. 30
  5. Running on the spot with the rise of the knee – 1-2 min.

For the leveling of the leg muscles:

  1. Mahi feet to the side and in the ribs. Do the exercise slowly, tensing the muscles. On each leg of the 10-20 do do.
  2. The Rotation of the knee. In each direction 10 times. It is important to hold the knee cups hands and take the right Position – chest out and the back is smooth, the knees should be bent.
  3. Slight Knee Bend. Repeat 20 times.

For the hands:

  1. The rotation with the shoulders. The back need to straighten the hands to the body pressing and commit the circular rotation of the shoulders in each direction 10 times.
  2. Rotation Of The Elbow. You need to straighten your hands to bend in elbows and fold your fingers in the fist. The rotation takes place under poor to 5 rounds in different directions.
  3. "Castle" behind the back. A Hand has to throw on the back of the top, the other below. The fingers are hooked behind the back together. In this Position for 20-30 seconds.
  4. Hand-correct it, and to separate the sides. The Rotation takes place about the axis of 20-30 times.

Movement for the return of the flexibility of the housing of the body:

  1. Trunk rotation in a circle. First, you need to sit up, hands around the butt in the flanks and start the exercise. You should pull the back. Perform 15 – 20 Repetitions.
  2. Body tilts forward and backward up to 15 times. When bending, you should try to get your hands on the floor.
  3. The housing is inclined to the front at a right angle, the hands to the side. They mimic the movement of the helicopter by the curves of the body to the right and to the left.

To achieve quick results, a complex add heavier exercises:

  • Support 15 – 20 times, spent;
  • Climbs and twisting to the right and to the left;
  • Press;
  • Mahi feet with the use of rubber bands for gymnastics;
  • Jumping rope for 15-20 min.;
  • Squats and lunges with dumbbells.

If you need to weight before an important event, it is recommended that 5-8 exercises from the list each day, whereas the load is not less than 20 min. the effectiveness is achieved by increasing the number of repetitions. On the first day of a minimum number of times, but each time they grow to 4-10 approaches.

5 – Minutes-Charging

The charging process duration of 5 min, a day, a positive influence on the condition of the figure and the body in General, and is suitable for weight loss. Selected series of exercises at home without the use of special equipment.

Training opportunities:

  1. Bending the head to the right, to the left, forward and backward – up to 10 times in each direction.
  2. Squats – 20 times.
  3. Rotation of hands in a circle 10 times.
  4. Rotation of the soles of the feet in a circle 10 times.
  5. A tilt of the upper body to the front – back, left-right – 10 times.
  6. Mahi feet back. Get up on the wall, stretch the hands and stretch the back. Right and left foot alternately in a straight Position – up to 15 times.
  7. Squats with the support on the table. Deep knee must bend, keep your back in a flat Position. The exercise 20-30 times.

Charge for 20 minutes

Long time charging is carried out in the transition to the next stage of the training, with the aim of increasing the load.


  1. The legs – 10 reps jump with diffraction. Output location – to-ground squat. During the jump, the hands are also in the elbow.
  2. Lunges sideways. The exercise should be repeated 10 times on each side.
  3. PUSH-UPS between benches – 10 times.
  4. Deep Knee Bend. It is important to keep your back straight. Exercise, run 20 – 30 times.

At the completion of the charging, 10 minutes of Stretching should increase the effect.



The fees for weight loss at home consists of several movements, each of which focuses on the development of one part of the body.

Estimated program load:

  1. Preparation of the body to the load. Movement – on the 1 Minute Rotation of the head and the arms run – after 6-7 times.
  2. The movement of the hands to the right and to the left with the use of dumbbells with a weight of 0.5 kg. the back straighten, and hands, for breeding, should be parallel to the floor. It is important to strain the muscles. Repeat the exercise at least 10 times in each direction.
  3. Increases the buttocks lying on the floor. It is the muscles of the buttocks, back, and partial press are. You must inhale and lift the lower part of the body remained in this Position 3-5 s. use To weight dumbbell or a bottle of water, but it is not absolutely necessary.
  4. The rise of the legs lying. Both legs being torn off from the ground, to a height of 30-35 cm, and delivered for a couple of seconds, lower it to the ground. The number of repetitions – up to 30 times.
  5. Ironing. You will need to lie on the floor and support it in the ground with the hands, bent elbows. Press and gluteal muscles tension and in this Position remain for at least 1 min. the back should be flat. After a few days increase the time up to 2-3 min.
  6. Lunges. It is advisable to do this exercise with dumbbells. A step forward and squat so that the thighs took a Position parallel to the floor. Then return to the start position and lunge to the other leg. Repeat – 10 times.

The second Option is Anti-calorie-Fitness — shop:

Exercise Run rule The time in S.
Knee lift Alternately lift one leg bent in the knee as high as possible 20
Hanger "Frog" You go to the bar to pull with the hands on the floor, the legs back. When changing the Position to "collect" and crouching. 20
Ironing Starting Position – Ironing. Feet on the width of the shoulders and begin to pull first the left and then the right knee to the belly. 20
Jump with flexion of the legs Jump as high as possible, bend both legs. The hands must be outstretched and pointed directly 20
Jumps in the Squat To make deep squats with Bouncing when in a vertical Position. The hands behind the head keep 20

After 2 weeks of regular Training you will notice changes. Liveliness, good mood, and the weight is reduced, subject to compliance with the right diet.


To remove East dances are. The abdominal muscles are tightened, reducing the waist. Also Rumba, Salsa or Samba, Zumba suitable.

For the modeling of the form of the body and dance steps from Hip-Hop and for the strengthening of the thighs, the calves, and make a beautiful shape of the feet, select a couple of movements from the Flamenco.

Dance gymnastics for the home on the basis of the movements of belly dance:

  1. The formation of the press. Abdominal picked, the muscles tense, keep on 3-5 and relax. It is important to make sure that the belly is drawn in through the work of the muscles, and not during the inhale-exhale. Beginners should repeat the movement for 3 minutes, and if the exercise will turn out to increase the delivery time up to 10 min.
  2. Strengthening of the hips and the elaboration of the gluteus. Start to take position – back straight, legs spread shoulder-width apart. Then, slowly twist your hips in the Form of the number 8, in each direction 10 times.
  3. The elaboration of the shoulders. You need to carefully get up, take the basin a little to the right, and the left leg bend. Back to do the movement the right shoulder. Then change the Position to lead right foot, and make the movement according to the circle of the left shoulder. Also, the repetition of not less than 10 times.
  4. Alternately, you lift the hip up. This movement is one of the easiest in the dance.
  5. Lunges to the side
  6. In front of the mirror, the movements meet the pelvis in different directions. You Make 10-15 Reps.
  7. Complication movement of the hip rotation in various directions, the housing is at the same time lowering and lifting. On this movement you need more energy, so it can start to run after the processing of the simpler actions. Start with the minimum amount of reps – 2-3, and increase to 10.
  8. The dance movement for the elaboration and strengthening of the neck. Need to straighten up. Back commit the movements of the head to the right, to the left and then to the front. The head should not bend down too much. The shoulders remain in a fixed state, you need to work only the neck muscles. Meet 10 movements in each direction. You need to make sure that the head tilts, and "slides" in any direction. Such a movement well helps for the treatment of a cervical osteochondrosis, a disease of office workers.
  9. Dancing you can work and legs, including the calf muscles. To do this, carry out the following movement: in a straight Position, legs crossed and make steps in the direction of change of Position. For the convenience of the hands in breed in Hand or a cross on the back of the head. Such a movement in the ribs, repeat 15 times in each direction. In the same Position, the transition to another variant of the movement – moving the body from side to side, the legs crossed.

Full dance-charge takes about 15 min, but stimulating and energy for the whole day.