The Mediterranean Diet

Even the Mediterranean diet is not a diet, but a collection of Food-principles and practices in the whole of the Mediterranean, consisting of up to 16 countries. The base of the Mediterranean diet to the cuisines of Spain, Italy and Greece. The cuisine in this area formed the basis for a healthy diet, and a healthy diet, as you never know, leads to obesity, on the contrary, be characteristic of normal weight and well-being.

Products for a diet

The traditional cuisine for the people of the Mediterranean countries is the consumption of large quantities of seasonal vegetables and fruits, herbs, legumes, nuts, whole grain cereals, bread, wholemeal bread, pasta, wheat cereals, hard. Mandatory presence of olive oil in the preparation of the dishes, for frying, for the filling, lubrication, and marinate.

In terms of beef, veal, mutton, poultry understandable reluctance, but the regularity. Pig meat is not popular, and it is rarely in the menu.

Since the Mediterranean diet menu is not complete without fish and seafood, the main suppliers of polyunsaturated fatty acids Omega – 3 and Omega – 6.

When it comes to dairy products, then mostly sour milk natural products – yogurt, low-fat yogurt, fresh cheese, low in fat, such as feta, Mozzarella. Simply no milk or milk meals in food – a rarity.

If a Desk is always a red wine of good quality of local production, in moderation. Cakes, pastries, sweets is not swept away here. Preferably natural products – nuts, dry fruits, honey.

The people of this Region lead an active life style, to distinguish themselves in a remarkable optimism, emotional and a little vulnerable to diseases. The secret – in many of the components of the factors, but one of them – a healthy diet.

Interesting to know! The term "Mediterranean diet" as a concept was introduced, still in the middle of the twentieth century, American nutritionists, couple of suitcases. On the basis of studies of the way of life of the peoples of the Mediterranean, you body buildings, Japanese food pyramid, whose base is the carbs are 60%, then follow vegetable fats – 30%, proteins round shape and amount to only 10%.

The rules of the Mediterranean diet

In order to lose the extra pounds and get rid of the high degree of risk for obesity-accompanying diseases, the Mediterranean diet for losing weight – exactly what we need! Because it is already a lifestyle and not just a stopgap, if you quickly achieve the desired result. What is the name of it – "calm down".

Therefore, we consider the basic guidelines, as well as products for a Mediterranean diet:

The Mediterranean Diet
  • Every day you eat a lot of seasonal vegetables and fruit is the basis of all the dishes, but the potatoes need to limit to 3 servings per week.
  • Dairy products, natural preparation with a low fat content. This, and yogurt, and yogurt, and soft cheese, you are in the daily diet.
  • In the diet member seasonal fresh herbs, garlic, onions, spices – Basil, rosemary, thyme, Oregano need to.
  • Olive oil should occupy a place of honor among all the fats. Refuel salads and dishes, it is advisable that the oil of the first extraction. It is also acceptable to use other unrefined vegetable oil is.
  • Seafood, lean cuts of fresh fish (halibut, salmon, tuna, trout) products in the daily diet.
  • White meat – as mentioned above, eat in moderation, small portions – 4 times per week, not more than 100 grams per serving. But red meat is not allowed, there are more than 4 times per month, i.e. about once per week. Eggs – not more than a day.
  • Pasta, only durum wheat. Legumes, unprocessed rice, preferably brown, barley, buckwheat whole grain.
  • You drink enough of water — it is the best soft drink 1.5 liters per day.
  • Red wine served to the dishes, for a meal more than two glasses for women and 3 glasses of drink, not drinking allows men.
  • Nuts, dried fruit, sunflower seeds food does not need more than 1 time per week.
  • A maximum of salt and flavors to exclude from the food — better use of herbs and natural spices.
  • The prohibition extends to well-known adverse products, fat meat, lard, flour, candy, confectionery, candy and ice cream.

As you can see, the diet the Mediterranean diet is very rich, well-balanced, however, if you have decided to lose weight, then take note of the following amounts of food at a meal (1 Cup = 237 ml = 16 tablespoons):

  • 1 Cup of fresh vegetables;
  • 1/2 ready-to-vegetable — steamed;
  • Pasta or cereal — 1/2 cups;
  • finished beans — 1 Cup
  • Milk Products — 1 Cup
  • Potatoes — 1 Glass
  • Fruit — 1 not more than 1 time fruit
  • egg — 1 piece per day
  • Nuts — 30 G
  • Meat and fish — no more than 100 grams of the final product.

Mode, the Mediterranean diet with 5 meals a day (3 main reception: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and 2 between meals), when the intake of carbohydrate foods is attributable to the first half of the day, and Protein for the second.

In General, in the Mediterranean area, the first Breakfast consists of cereals, cereals with vegetables, the second — lactic acid products, fruit, lunch with pasta, rice, soups, vegetables, salads, fish or meat – it is considered the main meal of the day. Afternoon snack, dinner – all kinds of vegetable casseroles, cheese, fruit, salads, fish and seafood.

To create all of the above products, the so-called pyramid of the Mediterranean diet:


The use of the products

When you see the benefits of all the products, the components of the food pyramid, starting with fruit and vegetables, the basis image, one can say that all the valuable trace elements, vitamins, amino acids, saturate the body to a sufficient extent.

This is the recommended seasonal vegetables, fruits, herbs, grown and Mature in a natural way, outdoors. Then, only in them the valuable bioflavonoids, which are active antioxidants remain. And antioxidants, as you know, fight against free radicals and slow down the aging process.

Minerals such as selenium, manganese, zinc are seafood, vegetables, rice. You are also to inhibit oxidation processes in the body, which means that it stays longer, the elasticity of the skin.

I especially like the use of olive oil, which is generously used in the Mediterranean diet. The oil should be used, first pressing, unrefined, it is fully retains all the beneficial properties of the olive, whose taste and palatability. Unsaturated fatty acids contained in olives, have a very positive effect on the cardiovascular System, lower bad cholesterol – LDL, and prevent the formation of blood clots in the vessels, thus make the walls of the blood vessels.

The olive oil partially vegetable oil cannot replace just important that it is refined, cold pressed.

Lean veal, beef, lamb meat provides the body with essential and necessary Protein, which supports the level of haemoglobin and is involved in the formation of blood involved. White meat poultry, rabbit is an easily digestible Protein, dietary food with low fat content and lack of carbohydrates.

Milk products are fully accessible for the absorption of calcium, strengthens the bones, makes our hair healthy and teeth strong. Lactic acid protects the intestine from infections and organic acids, the work of the digestive tract to promote.

Red wine contains potassium, Magnesium, iron, selenium, vitamins B, R, S — it strengthens the heart muscle, raises the immunity, fights cancer cells. Therefore, its use in small quantities is extremely useful.

Love Pasta and whole cereals containing gluten to avoid because a large part of the diet of the inhabitants of the Mediterranean countries. It is a source of complex carbohydrates, the basic energy for our body. If grain not processed, not precision ground in pairs, and noodles made from the flour of firm grades of wheat, that they are the richest suppliers of fiber, the regular work of the intestine and the whole digestive tract in General.

Greek Salad

Menu of the Mediterranean diet for a week

In the following, the menu is Mediterranean diet for 7 days. In this menu, you can make them yourself, based on the products, the diets are provided.

By clicking on the Links in the menu, you can use the recipes of preparation of dishes in the menu.

DayMealProducts and specialities of the Mediterranean diet
Day 1BreakfastPorridge on milk with fruit. Refreshing, fruity Smoothies
Between mealA glass of butter milk or natural yoghurt
LunchSandwich with tuna. Salad of Cherry. 1 each fruit choice of
Between meal30 G Of Nuts Of Your Choice
DinnerSalad with Avocado, iceberg lettuce, tomatoes and cheese (feta or Mozzarella)
Day 2BreakfastFruit salad, as topping up yogurt or Kefir without sugar.
Between meal1 piece of fruit to choose from
Lunch Risotto with vegetables. 1 piece of fruit to choose from
Between mealA Sandwich of wholemeal bread with cheese and tomato slices
Dinner Salad with chicken "summer". 1 Slice Of Whole Grain Bread
Day 3BreakfastCheese cake or Curd casserole. A Glass Of Juice
Between mealTea with 2-mja oatmeal cookies
LunchVegetable stew with rice. A few pieces of cheese.
Between meal1 piece of fruit to choose from
DinnerFish baked in the oven with cheese. Salad of vegetables
Day 4BreakfastOmelette made of 2 egg whites, whole-grain bread. 1 fruit
Between meal1 oats Muffin with almonds
LunchPasta with seafood or fish. 1 tomato
Between meal30 G Of Dried Fruit Of Your Choice
DinnerA simple salad with arugula
Day 5Breakfast1 boiled of hard-boiled egg, Toast with cheese and tomato slices
Between meal1 piece of fruit to choose from
LunchVegetable soup. Salad of tomatoes and cheese. A Glass Of Juice
Between meal1 piece of fruit to choose from
DinnerEggplant baked with cheese, tomatoes and mushrooms
Day 6BreakfastFresh berries or fruit with natural yoghurt
Between meal1 piece of fruit to choose from
Lunch- Stew of vegetables with fish, steamed.
Between mealA glass of juice, a Sandwich with cheese
DinnerMediterranean salad with pasta
Day 7BreakfastCouscous in milk with dry fruits.
Between meal1 oats Muffin with almonds
LunchChicken fillet baked in the oven. Salad of vegetables
Between mealFruit to choose from or a handful of nuts
DinnerBasmati Salad. Whole-Grain Bread. Juice

Influence of diet on health

Fluent in by the products, recognize the basis of the diet of the people of the Mediterranean Region, you can immediately, what is healthy food and that massive obesity, as a phenomenon, in this area is completely excluded. The studies on 1.5 million people have shown that such diseases of obesity, such as Diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer's disease in people who are on the Mediterranean diet, rare.

This "popular" diagnoses most people, if they the predominant Form of eating habits, so-called "American type" – use of the quick-frozen products, prepared all the fresh and convenience Food, refined cereals and oils, animal fats, flour, and pastry made from white flour, the use of non-controlled quantities of sugar. And often people with the "American type" diet, Mediterranean diet prescribe a diet that will help lose weight and improve health.