A series of exercises to remove belly and flanks

People, dissatisfied with their figure, often trying to get rid of obesity. Most frequently by both men and women try to remove unnecessary pounds, with belly and flanks. Exercises for weight loss will be effective only if you execute them properly, and regularly, but you should first understand why body fat appear in these parts of the body.

Exercises for losing weight

The reasons for the emergence of fat

It should be noted immediately that the fat deposits in the area of the abdomen is much more dangerous than in other places, including the thighs. In fact, because of all the sharp jumps in weight should turn immediately to a specialist. The most common Supplement pounds is due to the presence of a pathology in the internal organs.

They highlight a number of factors, the cause of excess fat:

  • posture, the most common in people, the passive, or lack of exercise;
  • in adulthood, sex hormones produced in smaller quantities, the metabolism deteriorates, respectively, and fats is much reduced to be worse;
  • frequent stressful situations cause the release of adrenaline and this in turn is the cause of hormonal malfunction and the formation of surges in the weight;
  • Pregnancy — especially in this period of time the stretching of the skin in these areas, and deposits after the birth of a child, quickly fill the subcutaneous Lipid.

In addition, obesity and other factors can cause in the Form of a wrong way of life, hormonal disorders, or genetic predispositions. Therefore, before embarking on a exercise for weight loss in the sides and the belly, it is necessary to know the cause of the formation of fat, as the physical strain can cause more severe consequences and will exacerbate the Situation.

The rules of carrying out

Exercises for weight loss belly and flanks can only help if you execute correctly and on a continuous Basis. The whole time, you need to follow some rules, namely, to train hard, to eat and to relax completely.

In addition, during the training, you need a good conditions:

  1. The room in which sports take place should be well ventilated, but without drafts. Otherwise it can decrease cause colds, and such a state will contribute little to the weight.
  2. Preferably out of the room remove all items that can distract, for example, mobile phones. The best rhythmic composition enable on tape or Clips on the TV. Not banned the movie, especially the plot was very pushy and not be distracted from the lessons.
  3. What concerns the clothes, it is best that you something more convenient and free. Inappropriate things according to size and shoes are rubbing the crops, and spoil the whole exercise.
  4. You should in advance sports equipment, may can during the lesson, Kettlebells, dumbbells, or hula-Hoop preparing. In addition, we are filling up with water, preferably carbonated. It is extremely important, because such events suggest load, and you want to drink is perceived in each case, and the constant hikes in the kitchen as a nuisance and you have to shoot the General mood.
  5. Each workout begins only with the warm up of all muscle groups. It is in the best suited foot within 5 minutes or run on the spot. In this case, you can avoid the pain the next day.

Also to deal with professionals in sporting events as a joyful and positive event, and then consult the lessons a pleasure. And to lose weight exercises for belly and flanks, is much faster.

Power loads

At home, help to lose weight strength training for the abdomen and flanks. For their execution, require special fixtures, you will help strengthen and build muscle, but to burn at the same time fat.

At home, you can bend a normal knee, but the tuition charge dumbbells. During the event, you can produce abuse or the breeding of the upper limbs in different directions. But with the cross traction, you can lift easily and quickly pumps the buttocks. The real result is achieved with a hula-Hoop, he advanced through studying abdominal muscles and get rid of fat.

But it is worth noting that similar power loads, a number of contraindications, these include:

  • Asthma attacks;
  • Thrombophlebitis;
  • Disease of the kidneys or the gall bladder;
  • Diabetes with dependence on Insulin.

As you can see, to get rid of belly and flanks. The main requirement is regularity, as the implementation of a session is hardly the desired effect. Process responsibility must be fully and persistently. A series of exercises performed at least three times per week with the observance of the proper diet and daily routine.


A series of exercises

In carrying out of sports actions for weight reduction, you must not hang on to a drill, preferably, the targets approach in a comprehensive manner. In this case, and the body of such loads is much easier.

All procedures are performed in the supine position and are as follows:

  1. The classic exercise is the Bicycle. The knee is raised and bent, and the man creates a movement that leaves the pedals are similar.
  2. The following movement — rotation. It allows well, to work the oblique muscles, so that the manipulations required with a minimum of Amplitude. A Person lays down on a level surface, and turn limbs in the knees, the hands are behind the head. While inhaling slowly raise the head along with the shoulder and on the exhale return to the starting position.
  3. The opposite rotation is almost the same as the previous one, but together with the upper part of the body lift and pool. But the lower back during execution of the manipulation remains.
  4. The best exercise to remove belly and flanks is the bridge, it helps to strengthen muscles fast. For the implementation of the hands, and you sit on the floor. The legs are bent, buttocks tight, the torso lift up to the area of the shoulder blades, where the body should be a smooth line and do not bend. At the highest point of snapping must be on 5?10 seconds, with the time, you can increase the time.

Another simple method that helps the problem areas to get rid of — it Pushups or Ironing. To feel if during the execution of malaise, it is worth a brief Pause, and after a different approach.


With the help of respiratory technology, the flanks and belly are quick and easy to remove. According to the opinion of many women, the most effective methods are the following:

  • "Oxysize";
  • "Zhangfei";
  • "Body Flex".

During this exercise, you can saturate the body with oxygen, which in turn supports an optimal PH-value, enhances the formation of ATP, but also speed up the metabolism

In addition, these classes are to help lift the mood, reduce stress levels and improve the General well-being. On request, you can apply the technique that uses only one muscle group, or you can use an advanced methodology for all groups.

Body Flex

But before that you have such occupations, should learn the initial technique of diaphragmatic breathing. Also it should be noted that the gymnastics should be during pregnancy, lactation, if there are any injuries of the spine, diseases of the cardiovascular system or diseases of the respiratory tract.

Help Cardio Equipment

Cardio-gym consists of a whole complex of physical exercises, the fight with unnecessary centimeters in the waist and hips. To increase in addition to classes, clearly your heart rate up to 150 beats per Minute.

The most popular varieties of Cardio classes, running, Cycling, brisk walking, and some of the elements of the aerobics. Effectively help get rid of excess weight and swim, but unfortunately, they use this Sport to home is not possible.

In the cardiovascular complex consists of the following exercises:

  • Jogging in place for 3?5 minutes;
  • running on the spot with the highest lifting of the hips and the frequent change of the legs;
  • run on the spot to get hold of in produces flexion of the knees, feet try to the buttocks;
  • jump together — lower extremity, while the upper is omitted along the body, during the jump the legs, divorce, and the hands over the head;
  • Elevators — for the implementation of these manipulations will need a chair or a bench, on which they rise with a leg drop, then you should switch legs and do the same movement.

All gymnastic events will be in two approaches with an interval of half an hour. All the movements in one approach, after 10?15. It is desirable, in the Cardio exercises right after the warm-up or, on the contrary, it is the power loads to finish.

It is worth noting that with special care to such sporting activities. for people who have problems with the circulatory or respiratory system For women in the Position they developed their complex gymnastic exercises.