Diet minus 10 kg

Losing 10 kg is possible, if in your body there are extra pounds. "Superfluous" weight, does not mean in vain, to eat when you start excess pounds for life to go fast. If overweight Pure imagination, the body is reluctant to part with their legal Kilo. You can calculate the ideal weight to help you Service Body Mass Index.

minus 10 kg

To lose for a week really 2-3 kg per month and you can lose weight by 10 kg. there Is nothing criminal in the desire to make a diet and "blind" in the body of your dreams. But get smart: many of the girls in an effort to lose weight quickly neglect the basic rules of the diet and harm their health.

How to lose 10 kg

There are cases when lose weight quickly is to: photo shoot, celebration, holiday. In such cases effectively easy diet wheat 10 days: book, diet, fasting days on apples, Grapefruit, yogurt. Diet for 10 days gives you a quick, but temporary results. Diet for 10 days even useful for the body, but only in the case you're ready for Extreme discharge: in advance at the beginning, there is less rejected the flour and meat dishes. "Stand up" with a quick diet after the receipt of the desired results should be gradual. Keep in mind that when returning to the normal diet to Rack up you regain the weight. Therefore, it is better to calculate the diet for a month, and then to eat properly.

Lose weight of 10 kg, right

Do you want to lose 10 kg, and you have no deadlines? Then the thing take with the mind. Healthy and fast diet "Minus 10 kg" should take about half a year — in the sense of food scientists in a short time. If you do not count out, the complex rules of diet, calories, and an insight into the composition of the products, remember these simple rules (in the rule, so it is necessary to eat is always and to everyone).

  1. Do Not Eat Flour. If you can't do without can bread at all, choose black, and cereals. Replace sweet pastries, fruit and dark chocolate.
  2. Do Not Eat Sugar. Hard? Put honey in the tea, in the coffee sweetener
  3. Eat as little as possible of fried, spiced and strong, fat-containing food. Fish and meat you prepare on a few, this is not difficult.
  4. Sealing early pieces and easy-to-discounts. For dinner, 2-3 hours before bedtime. All carbohydrates (bread, oatmeal, nuts, Spaghetti) drink in the morning and in the afternoon, in the evening, eat protein (cottage cheese, chicken, fish, eggs). Not to be confused Protein and carbohydrate products.
  5. Not lemonade and juice drink with sugar.

Such a diet has a positive impact not only on your weight, but also on the condition of the skin, hair, and General health. In the gradual weight loss of the body is more to the new weight and not back to the old pounds, if you the menu.


Diet "minus 10 kg": fibre — your friend

Weight got up to minus 10 kg per month for you — still a dream? Go to a new level. On the fast days you know already. When you learn simple rules, then a shock will starve your body (just need to gather the will in a fist).

Faithful helper of all who want to lose weight — fiber. In the Form of granules or powder available in pharmacies fiber. It is tasteless, should eat, mix with yogurt or Kefir. Dietary fiber is not digestible, and not "reserves" calories: it went through the whole body, he took too much. Fiber "cleans" the walls of the stomach and of the intestine. It is a very useful product for the recommended carbohydrate diet.

Celery — a unique product. To digest it, the body spends more calories than the product itself. To lose weight fast of the waiver of the dinner helps. Early pieces of dense, eat lunch until later, and instead of dinner drink a Cup of yogurt or a salad, eat up. So you're not a danger to yourself: during the night the body does not calories and energy needs. A diet that help to lose weight 10 kg and not only.