Simple exercises for weight loss belly

The problem area in women is the belly. In order to accumulate fat does not need to plan a lot of time, but then, to get rid of him, you can spend a couple of months.

Fat on the belly

There are a variety of factors, can. the belly fat and extra pounds To get rid of it, you must monitor your diet and perform some exercises for abs that you can do at home.

According to statistics, most women are not thrilled with the appearance of your abdomen. And this is understandable, because the wrinkles noticeable to others and does not look very attractive. And most of the women dream to lose weight, resort to various methods and procedures, to starve to death. Not many know, to look good, Fit, you should only stick to a certain diet and perform some simple exercises for the abdomen.

The reasons for the formation of fat, and pounds

As doctors say, on the belly, a small amount of fat, because it serves as a kind of protective barrier of internal organs and the bones. But an excess amount of body fat should be a cause for concern. Why is it that the pounds and the fat on the belly?

  1. The genetics, as we know, is a stubborn thing. It is believed that if grandparents or the mother, there are problems with fat deposits, then you can go and inherit. The most common forms are "Apple" and "pear". If you went to the shape of the "bulb", then the extra pounds are in the lower part of the body, if "Apple", then in the stomach.
  2. Bad Metabolism. With the years the metabolism slows down significantly. Exactly leads to the accumulation of fat in the abdominal cavity. It is known that women are more prone to deposits on the abdomen, than men.
  3. Overeating. If, on the day a lot eat more than not to do so without the extra pounds here.
  4. A lack of exercise. If a lot of time picking in the vicinity of the computer or of the TV, and absolutely no movement, the extra pounds in the shortest amount of time.
  5. Stress, Nervousness, Illness. Stress or disease have a significant impact on every body, especially female. Stress and tension can increase the cortisol levels in the body, because of what may occur deposits on the waist and abdomen.
  6. Any hormonal changes. This is particularly true for women, whose age has long exceeded the limit of 40 years. The amount of fat in the body can increase proportional to the mass of the body.

Effective exercises for belly

Exercises for slimming stomach is very important. The most important thing is, you have to correctly carry out and understand exactly effect is achieved only then, if such exercises are to be permanent and combined with a certain diet.

You decide which exercises are most effective and important for slimming on the belly:

Vacuum exercise


Pretty simple exercise, the associated with the breath. Stand on all fours, the body holds on to the elbows and the knees, take a deep breath relaxed with the belly. On the exhale, the belly should stretch and collect. To keep In such a Position, for 30 seconds.

The rise of the legs

Carefully, he sat on the chair, the hands lay to the side with palms down so that they were under the feet. With the exhalation, the knees have to be lifted, so that they pressed as close to the chest. In this Position, you should keep up to 10 seconds.

The slopes on the sides

Exercise for the belly, but also from the side. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, the hands have to lift over the head and fold. Torso to be inclined to the left, so that the feeling of stretching the right side of the body. In the ideal case, in such a Position 15 seconds hold. After returning to the original, the same must comply with the right-hand side.

Ironing with twists and turns

This exercise has a positive effect on the press, the hips and the lower back. The Position of the bar, the elbows touch the floor, and socks, and the body as straight as possible, aligned. So you should the case keep 30 seconds and make a u-turn in the Position of the side bar. Stay on socks and forearm with one hand (right, then left) is preferably about 30 seconds.


The most common exercise for a flat stomach, which by its lightness and great result. You will need to lie on the Mat face up, bend the legs, keeping the entire foot on the ground. To throw your hands behind your head to take a breath, the torso from the ground and must lift. Must twist as much as possible, the head as close as possible to the belly press. You must exhale during ascent.

The side twist

The essence of this exercises is very similar with the previous view. You should the hands be on the Mat, behind the head, the legs bend at the knees, but the feet not touching the ground, and looked as if it were in the balance. Torso should lift like a simple twisting, but the right shoulder must be turned to the left. The left part must be motionless on the ground. Also you need to for the other side.

Twisting Bike

exercise bike

You will need to lie on the floor, hands behind head, lift legs, then bend in the knees. The right knee should be pull to the chest, then the left, and constantly adjusted. The torso should be lifting. A feeling as if you are turning a Bicycle. The knees should be as attracted to the chest, the stomach must be tense.

Twisting with raised legs

Must go lie down on the Mat, face up, legs up and cross. To reach to lift the torso as far as possible to the top and with your hands try to the feet. It is important to breathing, exhale when lifting the body, inhale when lowering.

The above-mentioned are to get rid of some of these simple and accessible exercises that help with ease, the fat and pounds. With such exercises up to 20 minutes a day at home, you can stomach not just a flat and chiseled waist, but it's also healthy to stay beautiful for years to come.