How to lose weight at home: step-by-step instructions

Decided to lose weight, but don't know where to start? We offer you a step-by-step instructions, where you start to lose weight at home (or in the gym). This leaflet is suitable for both men and women, regardless of age and the number of pounds.

A successful process of weight loss consist of two components: a well-balanced diet and physical activity. So, what we can offer you to lose weight?


Nutrition: step-by-step instructions

Step 1: remember, the most important rule in losing weight

The first step on the way to eliminate excess weight is for yourself to remind you of slimming are the main principle. You will lose weight if you consume less food than your body is able to spend in the course of the day. In this case, the energy begins to eat from the Backup held on the body – body fat. So in fact the process of losing weight it comes to restrictions in the diet and creating a calorie deficit.

How much would you have not tried a magic pill to lose weight, remember that to lose without restrictions in the diet, weight is possible. Although, of course, there are people of asthenic type, the better, regardless of the amount of food consumed. But if that's not your case, so without restriction in the diet you can't do that.

There is no magic combination of foods, the pills are no products with negative calorie content (type Grapefruit, or broccoli, as many think), there is no miracle fat-burning. To lose weight, there are enough smaller than the body is able to spend. Here is a good example:

Step 2: decide on power supply system

All the diet and feeding systems, in fact, create the same calorie deficit, where your body begins to consume and fat out of your reserves. So from a practical point of view, no matter how, this "deficit create". Can count calories, can popular diet, can be directly on the right diet (PP), you can simply reduce the consumption of high-calorie foods. No matter what diet or diet plan you decide on, with a lack of calories, the slimming they are.

Why to lose weight we recommend you go exactly on the correct diet:

    Proper nutrition
  • This is an effective way and without Stress, starvation and low-calorie diet.
  • It is to eat the balanced type, is suitable for everyone.
  • The correct diet helps them to rethink their eating habits, so not to gain the weight back.
  • This type of diet includes a great selection of products, there are no strict restrictions in the products in the diet.
  • The right diet is the prevention of many diseases through diet and a suitable choice of the products.

Step 3: count your calories

If you have a large excess weight, then you will the best diet to lose weight without calories. If you have a small weight (under 10 kg), in addition to the right diet, you need to count calories. To count especially when you start to observe all the rules of PP, and for a month or two, see no results, then it is better, calories, to ensure that you are eating with a deficit.

Even if you have chosen a different System, diet, or a diet, we still recommend you calculate and understand your daily calorie Norm, which numbers oriented. Compare to define your selected menu with this standard, if the wrong location of the break or loss on calories.

What also always diet and what is the resounding effect not promised to you, to recommend, to reduce the daily requirement of calories below 1200 kcal. It is harmful to health and increases the risk for failure.

Step 4: optimize your nutrition

You must understand that even small restrictions in the diet is still limitations. And most likely you will not feel tired during the day. Therefore, it is important to optimize your menu to not break, in constant Hunger, not a diet.

Do you remember the simple rules. You can start the day with a hearty Breakfast, do not skip meals, do not drink 2 liters of water, not the large breaks in eating to forget the small Tricks of food in the course of the day. It is especially important not to abuse fast carbohydrates, which lead to the feeling of Hunger due to the release of Insulin.

Step 5: a test of the products

Of course, not necessarily candy and harmfulness" of your diet to exclude "in order to lose weight. Sometimes it is enough to reduce the number of, for example, your standard calorie content. But if you want to not only lose weight, but also clean eating, you need to rethink your list of favorite products.

Swap the sweets – fruit, morning bun, oatmeal, sweet yoghurt, Kefir. When shopping in the Shop of sidestep departments with threats, tried to linger at the shelves of fruit, vegetables, meat and organic milk products. So you will get rid of the temptation and be able to improve your diet not only diet, but also in the further period.

Training: step-by-step instructions

If losing weight is so dependent on food (and not for nothing they say, however, that the result of decrease = 80% nutrition, 20% exercise), why should I push myself at all sports? Let us once again emphasize that exercise can help you:

  • burn extra amount of calories
  • accelerate the metabolism
  • tighten and tone body
  • you retain your muscle mass
  • you can increase your endurance and strengthen the heart muscle

You can lose weight without sports, but with the exercises the process goes faster, and to improve the quality of the body. Of course you have contraindications, or even do not like sports, forcing your body does not need. But if you just consider yourself to be not sufficiently sporty, or persevering man, in this case, it is better to throw a doubt. There are many workouts and exercises for beginners, where not necessarily a experience of teach.

It is also worth to point not to the lack of time. Also in the case of the employed Person, there are at least 20 minutes per day to workout at home. This can be a evening after work or, on the contrary, early in the morning Even a workout for 15 to 20 minutes will help you to strengthen the muscles and improve the body and charge a good mood for the whole day.

What to do if..?

  1. If you are not going to the workouts, we recommend daily activity to increase: to go more often on foot, enjoy long walks, try to avoid passive recreation. Although the increase in the daily activity is useful for all, regardless of the availability of training and even weight loss. But those unfamiliar with the Sport, in particular. You can also attention to the exercise on the basis of the foot, you can perform at home in front of the TV or by music
  2. If you are planning to go on a group lesson, then select programs on the basis of the proposals in your Fitness Club and physical abilities. If you have time, you spend Training in the gym 3-4 hours per week.
  3. If you are planning to go in the training room, we strongly recommend that you at least a couple of introductory courses, under the guidance of a personal trainer. Otherwise there is the risk of inefficient workout or even injury.
  4. If you are planning to work out at home, is just for you the following is a step-by-step Plan of what to start Training.

Step 1: determine the type of employment

So you've decided to train at home. It is really very comfortable, Home Training is gaining every year in popularity. Many are also providing home a Mini-space through the acquisition of various sports equipment, and I work quietly from the comfort of home. To decide the first question you may have, itself, to itself or to the finished Training Video?

Training on the finished Video, because you don't have to "reinvent the wheel", for you already training selected plan, sometimes, and several months in advance. Now a huge selection of Home, it is proposed that programs that absolutely everyone in the location, with the best training. Regardless of your Fitness Level, specific goals, the availability of Fitness inventory and source data, you have the option of optimal variant.

Independent training courses are not good, you need to get a program. You can always improve your possibilities on your basic knowledge or information on the Internet. But this Option is only suitable for those who are willing to self-select exercises for you, to competently load, regulate exercise and autonomously.

Step 2: select a specific program

When choosing a program, or autogenic Training, the following principles slide always:

  • Select the program and the exercises starting from the level of training, do not take the Training "growth".
  • Do not be afraid to progress and gradually complicate the lessons.
  • You may want to change a program in order to avoid Stagnation, and the effectiveness of teaching.
  • You can use an additional Fitness inventory, to bring to the training a variety.
  • Not only train a "problem area" for weight loss, you need to train the whole body.

Step 3: buy Fitness inventory

You can work at home and without the use of additional inventory, but the Fitness equipment that you simply need, if you want to, effectively, strengthening the muscles, varied activities, increase the intensity of the workout. Optional purchase of heavy equipment (barbell and weights), you can buy compact Fitness-rubber-bands-trainers, Expander, or loop TRX, which did not occupy a lot of space and very easy to carry.


And do not forget to buy sports shoes:

Step 4: plan the time plan

If you can for an hour of the day, you have to train 3-4 times per week. If you do, for 20-30 minutes per day, you can train 5-6 times a week. Of course, you will focus on your individual capabilities, education may be more likely and less likely. If you complex Training which is proposed in the rule, in them, the final game plan for 1-3 months.

Step 5: select the time of employment

In terms of effectiveness, no matter what time of day to follow, to train. Better on your individual biorhythm. Training in the morning will help you to cheer up, but at this time the body is still not awake, so movement can be more difficult given. Training in the evening is more convenient for the people, but Intensive lessons for the night can disrupt sleep. Choose the optimal time of day for the lessons only empirically can.

Motivation and tracking of the results

We can not say that another important part of the process of weight loss about Motivation. Without the setting of targets and keep track of the intermediate results is it is very difficult to realize his intention. This attitude, self-awareness, and rational assessment of their own abilities will help you to lose weight without problems.

Step 1: fix your results

First and foremost, you back up your original data: the weight of the body, measure the volume, take a photo in a bathing suit. Scales do not always give an objective property, so important, not only to the numbers in kilograms, but also to changes in the amount and quality of the body. You weigh yourself once per week, resting heart rate, the volume, and you make the photo twice in a month. Should this more often the not losing weight on the short track! If you like to be weighed every day, it is best to leave this habit, because this discourages a daily check only.

Step 2: set a goal


In any case, you put a dizzying objectives, and even more, according to the nature of the specific tasks "will relieve 5 kg in a month". The body can plans for weight loss, and his planned pace may not match your wishes. Better you set goals for exercise, goals, nutrition, or goals of the activity in the fresh air. In other words, the only depends on you and your Motivation.

Step 3: be ready for varying periods of time in weight loss

Prepare yourself for the fact that the weight changes abruptly. In General, in the first week, there is a active weight fall – it's the excess water from the body. Then the weight will fall slower Tempo's. Sometimes, a good minus, and sometimes the amount of weight. And this is absolutely normal! This does not mean that you are doing something wrong.

A good illustration of the process of losing weight, the chart is below. As you can see, from the start point in the 57 kg to endpoint in 53 kg weight zig zag moving. At one point, the weight jump up to 1.5 kg was even. But if you dropped the image as a whole, the weight in 3.5 months continuously. Please note, not 3.5 weeks and 3.5 months! This is, by the way, on the question of how to lose 10 kg per month.

Step 4: votes are not only slimming, but on the lifestyle change

Many think that to sit for 3-4 weeks on a diet, to lose those extra 5-10 lbs and get back to your former life with excess food and low physical load. And it is a very common mistake to lose weight. If you don't just throw the weight to a certain date, but to keep the achieved result, you need to completely change your lifestyle.

Imagine you are on a diet or eat in a small calorie deficit and lost weight until you have the desired shape. What happens if you go back to a diet without any restrictions (with a surplus of calories)? Properly, you will gain the weight back. Not the easy way to clean your diet from harmful, high-calorie, fatty foods. For a short time, but for the whole of life, if they retain their shape.

Step 5: not in fanaticism expire


Slimming – it really is not a simple process, you need to set the shutter speed and the moral force of will in the long run. However, you require to keep a cool head and not diets and excessive physical stress exhausted and hungry, but the focus is not only on the question of slimming. You try to live a full life, only the right diet and the addition of a comprehensive physical activity.

If tomorrow's weigh-in, a sense of fear sets them off and avoid conversations about food and constantly feeling down, then maybe you should decline to let go a little, stop, assess the blame for the failure and new, their approach to weight.