Ketogenic diet — a complete guide for diet and doctors

We collected most comprehensive guide to the ketogenic diet in three of their most popular types. You know how the right nutrition and be able to be a full menu for a ketogenic diet.

ketogenic diet

Basics and diversity of the diet ketogenic diet

This type of diet relates to the variants of the diet with Low-Carb diet. There are three most popular varieties of this System:

  • Standard ketogenic diet.
  • Cyclic ketogenic diet.
  • Targeted ketogenic diet.

Ketogenic diet has long been known, it has many followers, especially among the athletes. In General, this kind of diet is one way to imagine how diet enriched with fat and protein component.

Carbohydrates in the menu more than 10 % of the sum of the ingredients used. With the help of such a diet in the human body, the mechanisms of the cleavage of fat reserves, with the formation of carbohydrate-run components in the future serve as a source of energy.

The ketogenic diet, in many cases, it can help to achieve certain goals:

  • Muscle growth.
  • The activation of the fat combustion.
  • The improvement of strength and endurance.

Especially this type of diet will be learning in the practice of sport, however, the ration, is based on ketogenic diet gives positive results in the treatment of patients with epilepsy.

A lot of questions: what is the fundamental difference between ketogenic diet from many other Power systems with a low amount of carbohydrates. Really, the differences are not so much, further we will consider this point in more detail.

To understand the importance of ketogenic diet, the physiological processes in the body take into account. The consideration of the different variants of the diet helps the right menu, in any case, taste to Wake up to the products with a low content of carbohydrate components.

Features ketogenic diet

What ketosis is?

Under ketosis refers to the specific state of the organism when in it processes to run the Intensive formation of ketone bodies. As the name suggests, this is done in reducing the amount of carbohydrates with food.

Ketone bodies are a special structure formed in the liver and deficiency of nutrients (in particular, in the case of a lack of carbohydrates). Ketone molecules are synthesized from fatty acids, in the future, you will be in the desired Organ and is recycled as an energy source.

The formation of ketone bodies occurs in the body and without complying with the food restrictions, the contents of which, however, is not so low that the urine test shows.

But if the amount of ketones in the blood (ketonemia) in the case of the examination of the urine, you will also be recognized. These symptoms point to the whereabouts of the body in a state of ketosis.

Ketogenic diet aims to change the metabolic processes in the direction of the increase in the synthesis of ketones. In the process, fatty acids are spent, from the decomposition of fats. Together with the fact, not to be confused to a state with ketosis pathological origin, as a result of diseases.

Ketogenic diet: possible options

The correct selection of ketogenic diet intended to reach out to a large extent the speed of the achievement of the desired objectives, but in practice, the choice of food is often messy. To take into account when setting the desired options, the priorities for a particular Person.

The most popular are the following types of diets:

  • Standard. This type of diet is a classic. In the case of the traditional ketogenic diet is not assumed that the time periods for the replenishment of the reserves of carbohydrates, as in the other variants. Intake of food, which happens to be rich in proteins and fats, constantly. Content of carbohydrate nutrients in food is extremely low.
  • Cyclic. As the name suggests, this variant of the diet stripe implies hydrate without coal-and carbohydrate-periods. Appointment carbohydrate-periods of the tissues, especially the replenishment of the glycogen stores in the muscle. The intervals between the periods and the duration of each of them are individually selected, this is essentially dependent on the priorities of the people, which the planned objectives and sport mode.
  • Targeted. This type of diet involves the consumption of carbohydrate products in the near future. In General, carbohydrate products consumed during the training window. In this case, you provide the body with energy, disturbed General condition of ketosis.

The Selection

In order to understand whether you need to, in practice, one or the other variant of the diet, keep track of your Status in the course of their compliance. You need to assess the physical activity and health in General, as a result of the change in the diet.

approved products

Recommend diet is build on the Basis of the traditional Standard diet. Practicing this type of diet for a few weeks, you can estimate how cheap diet affects all parameters of the body. If in the short period of the health condition is not strongly suffers, then it can go on a diet for a long period of time.

You also need to take into account the final objectives to be pursued. Usually such a diet is the practice of either removing, or at the start of the muscle mass. It is important to understand what is of great importance is the energy value of the consumed products, in the observance of the normal level for the variant of the diet is so essential.

However, there is the opinion that the classical ketogenic diet is more suitable, who wants to lose weight, but for building muscle optimally is a cyclical variant. Is this on the basis that the carbohydrate-allow periods to protect against the destruction of the Protein intrinsic muscles (such as carbohydrates, the production of Insulin) promote.

In the classic ketogenic diet indicators of Insulin low. However, the practice shows that in the long period, these changes in Insulin concentration is not essential, and the total-calorie diet, in many respects, depends on the achievement of the set tasks.

However, there are General recommendations on the choice of the desired ketogenic diet. So, Standard ketogenic diet more suitable for persons not leading an active lifestyle.

Reduction in the intake of carbohydrates essentially no impact on your ability to work. This Option is good to apply in situations in which training mode, great intensity is no different. In addition to the Standard ketogenic diet is acceptable for people with high insulin resistance.

If the mode for the Training is sufficiently saturated, the person feels uncomfortable in reducing the carbohydrate food in the diet, it is better to prefer a goal-oriented diet. Foods that contain carbohydrates, you should front sports activities or immediately thereafter. Targeted ketogenic diet is suitable for those who train for a long time and active; in this case, a low intake of carbohydrates is useful for some time to their limits.

It is believed that the cyclic ketogenic diet variant is the best. While the carbohydrate and no carbohydrate-cycles of the human being adapts gradually to a change of diet, evaluates the number of the necessary products.

Cyclic ketogenic diet is suitable for those who feel with high intensity and at the same time, the weakness of insufficient intake of carbohydrate products. In this case, carbohydrate-periods helps the reserves of the body fill are exhausted, the intensity of the training at the right level.

How to create a custom menu and ketogenic diet

The development of the menu of the Standard ketogenic diet (SKD), you must take into account the individual peculiarities of the organism, its needs of energy, vitamins, and other biologically important elements. These values need to, and for those who prefer a cyclical diet or TKD.

If you want to lose weight, the energy value of the diet less than 500 kcal from the Norm should be. And if on the contrary, you gain weight is required, calorie needs. higher than normal on the same five hundred units These values can vary greatly, depending on the physiology and the energy consumption of the body. In addition, for example, cyclic diet provides the possibility of changing the calorie intake in the course of the week.

Ketogenic diet is a type of diet, the in a special way the number of proteins is calculated, fats and carbohydrates: protein and fat should be significantly more in comparison with carbohydrates. The counting of the average standard produce biologically significant elements for the SKD in a certain order. We will consider all on an example:

Types of Keto diet
  1. Calorie calculator calculates the daily needs of the body energy. (We use the average 2000 kcal diet);
  2. The standard of protein per day – 2 gr. Dry weight per kg of weight. Accordingly, a Person with a weight of 75 kg. should the day 150 gr consume. Proteins;
  3. Carbohydrates must Means of 0.20 – 0.40 G/kg, the total number of 15-30 gr. of the day. (In our example, we are the second indicator);
  4. A gram of proteins and carbohydrates, has a caloric value of 4 units. Produce simple calculations: 150+30=180; 180*4=720 kcal per day through the consumption of these nutrients;
  5. We count the number of fats: the total number of calories (2000) to subtract 720. Pure that 1280 kcal extract of fats. A gram of fat contains 9 kcal. The resulting amount of energy, divided by 9, and as a result of the daily rate of fat is 142 grams.

Means that the daily intake of proteins, 150 gr., Carbohydrates – 30 GM. and fat – 142 gr. We share on the number of meals. If you need to use three meals a day, then 50 gr. Protein, 10 gr. Carbohydrates, and, in the first recording 48 gr. Fat, the other two in the 47.

If the power supply is in five times, then we obtain: up to 30 gr. Protein and 5 gr. Carbohydrates and fat in the first two steps to 29 gr., and in the remaining three to 28.

Allowed and forbidden products for the ketogenic diet

In this System, the power supply, there are no strict limitations. Possible, in compliance with the measure is practical, of course. Although there is a perception that the diet is sugar and starch-containing products should not exclude, because they are able to slow down the conversion of the metabolism in a state of ketosis. But in small quantities, you will not be an obstacle, especially for people with a stronger physique.

Advise, select in the menu ketogenic diet such products:

  • Red meat and other animal proteins;
  • The protein (often not possible, and with the yolk of an egg);
  • Butter, cheese, cream and other dairy products with higher fat content;
  • A Variety Of Vegetable Oils;
  • Peanuts, walnuts and other nuts, and pasty mixtures thereof, Flaxseed, olive;
  • Green vegetables, with a high content of organic fibers.

Not to lower In the intensive Phase of the diet, the consumption of sugar and starch. To do this in the menu a variety of fruits to be activated.

Ketogenic diet: the menu for the day, week

We consider an approximate schedule of power supply during the TKD with five times food food intake for people with increased sensitivity to Insulin. The calculations are done for the day, for athletes with a weight of 75 kg and consume about 3000 kcal (in this menu, you can hold as a day, a week):

  1. The first shot in front of the Training: proteins – 30 gr., Carbohydrates – 40 gr., Fat – 20 gr.;
  2. The second recording after the completion of the exercise: proteins – 30 gr., Carbohydrates – 35 GM., Fat – 20 gr.;
  3. In the remaining three recordings of the amount of protein, fat and carbs Protein is equal to: 30 gr. on each recording, carbohydrates 10 gr. and fat is also a 30 gr.
Menu ketogenic diet


We hope that this detailed consideration of the ketogenic diet was useful for you and help the first, and most importantly, the right steps in the direction of the body of your dreams. The main thing is, listen to the voice of your body that tells you when and what exactly he needs. Have you not be afraid to experiment and to learn something new, because it is useful not only for the body, but also for the soul.

Every human being, and, accordingly, the body, individually, therefore, if compliance with the ketogenic diet, which is characterized you feel is the best way for a weak spot and can lead a normal life, not force your body, but just accept the fact that the second category of people, by an intolerance to such a diet.

After all, the diet should correspond to your requirements, i.e. to contribute to the creation of a beautiful and healthy body, as well as to the strengthening of the General health, without, is an integral part of your life.

Not necessary to bring all the victims in the diet and those who act in this way, is fundamentally wrong, because to sacrifice one for the other may not. And no matter, well this diet or not, the main thing is, they fit exactly to you.

More will use if you keep the action plan and the diet, the strengths not the deterioration of health, but it is. The main thing is not to turn this path and are confident of meeting the target.