How to lose weight in a week to 7 kg

Today, it is a question of whether it is possible to quickly and safely lose weight in a short period of time. Many of you, I often send letters or questions to me while taking: how to lose weight in a week to 7 kg. I must Say that it is indeed possible, especially those whose original weight is much higher than normal.


How to lose weight lose weight in a week, 7 kg, quickly and correctly

He sat down on a low-calorie diet, primarily liquid lost. Therefore, and in the weight quickly melts. If your weight is 10% to 20% higher than normal, so weight fast to lose don't work, and I say to you quite openly say, is very harmful.

Why harmful, to lose weight fast

Why, You Ask? Yes, because:

  • during the strict diet, you do not get all the nutrients;
  • with the liquid calcium, depletes the bones become brittle, fragile;
  • out of Magnesium, potassium, vitamins, other minerals;
  • it is not only irritable, but also the appearance is pretty pathetic;
  • the skin loses its elasticity, wrinkles, occur laxity, which is not that easy to defeat.

Why losing weight fast

But there are times when the women hear anyone, you must remove urgentlyto your scheduled program, for example:

  • go in vacation to the sea, where the environment in any case, see you in a swimsuit, and the figure desired;
  • you have the man of her dreams, it seems everything is going well, but we have a romantic date on which, perhaps, will discover the secrets of your not ideal body;
  • You need to lose prior to a competition weight to prepare the body for the shots, etc.;
  • very often the cause is a dispute with girlfriends or young man;
  • You need to lose yourself in the beautiful dresses that you bought at a certain time in the hope of weight.

There can be many reasons for this, but whatever it is, I'm calling always to ensure that you lose weight gradually, carefully, in the end it is always the best results, because the weight is not fast, as if you lose weight quickly.

Here is for those of you who don't to stop, the still lose weight by all means, try to lose weight, in whatever it is, I'm going to his Pro-tips to the body damage to a Minimum, reduce the risks and the serious consequences to prevent.

lose weight fast

Ten tips for those who want to lose weight very quickly

To understand how to lose weight in a week to 7 kg and not harmful to health, you need to understand what is possible and necessary, what additional measures apply.

  1. Do not use any Mono-diet, in which not all the necessary and useful substances. For example, to give up, buckwheat -, rice -, Kefir diet, and similar, on the Basis of a kind of products.
  2. You need to 250g portions of 200.
  3. You eat 5-6 times a day.
  4. To numb themselves to avoid the feeling of Hunger and dehydration, you must drink about 1.5-2 liters of pure water per day.
  5. Need to spirits, to abandon such foods contain empty calories: sweets, pastries, sweets, refined products, refined cereals, pasta,.
  6. You need to forget the taste of the sausage, sausage, sausage products, marinades, hot spices, pickles, food containing fat.
  7. The last meal slip on the six o'clock or even a little earlier will need to after six leisure enter the digestive tract.
  8. In addition, need to move a lot, Hiking, sports, Fitness, do Jogging or exercise at home. You can do it in any enjoyable and accessible sports, the main thing is it regularly.
  9. At the same time need to wrap for massages, to wipe, you can RUB cosmetic tools, improvement of the condition of the skin and nourishes it. This is done to prevent stretch marks.
  10. There is only a low-calorie, but useful products for the body.

Read these tips and decide for yourself if you are willing to make such sacrifices to bring, you will be able to resist such a diet for a long time, because even when the days lose to 7 kg per week, I advise you not to stop, and the result is to consolidate. May not continue to decline, but not prevent the return of the lost kilos.

And here is a very useful Video that tells how the fat actually used, and what you need to know fat reserves wasting:

Diet 7-Day Menu

So your not constantly thinking about what is possible and what I was for you on a diet for seven days, the help to lose weight 5-7 kg. Of course, assuming that you run all the 10 tips, which I presented to you earlier. Do not forget, all the pieces should weigh no more than 200-250g, and in the evening you can eat only up to 6 and all available sports not less than 40-50 minutes three times per week.

So, the menu for 7 days:

Menu for weight loss

The first day:

  • Breakfast: boiled egg, tea without sugar;
  • Second Breakfast: two tablespoons of low-fat cottage cheese;
  • Lunch: 100g boiled chicken, tomatoes;
  • Snack: Apple;
  • Dinner: a glass of butter milk.

Second Day:

  • Breakfast: scrambled eggs -1 egg with milk, coffee without sugar;
  • Second Breakfast: grated carrots;
  • Lunch: 100g stewed cabbage with minced chicken, 1 cucumber;
  • Afternoon snack: 150ml of tomato juice;
  • Dinner: 100g low-fat cottage cheese and natural yogurt 100g.

The Third Day:

  • Breakfast: boiled egg, tea without sugar;
  • Second Breakfast: Baked Apple;
  • Lunch: 100g baked fish, 100 g salad from cabbage;
  • Afternoon snack: 150ml of Apple juice;
  • Dinner: braised chicken wings, salad from fresh cucumbers and herbs.

The fourth day:

  • Breakfast: boiled egg, tea without sugar;
  • Second Breakfast: Baked Apple;
  • Lunch: 100g baked fish, 100 g salad from cabbage;
  • Afternoon snack: 150ml of Apple juice;
  • Dinner: braised chicken wings, salad from fresh cucumbers and herbs.

The fifth day:

  • Breakfast: two tablespoons of oatmeal pour the hot milk, coffee without sugar;
  • Second Breakfast: orange;
  • Lunch: 150g steamed vegetables, except potatoes, a cucumber;
  • Snack: 150ml of butter milk;
  • Dinner: Curd casserole: 100g cottage cheese, 1 raw egg, a chopped peach or Apple, mix everything, bake.

The sixth day:

  • Breakfast: two tablespoons of boiled buckwheat, coffee without sugar;
  • Second Breakfast: an Apple grated;
  • Lunch: 150g boiled chicken meat, tomato;
  • Afternoon snack: 150ml of tomato juice;
  • Dinner: fish with vegetables from the Grill 200g.

Seventh Day:

  • Breakfast: boiled egg, tea without sugar;
  • Second Breakfast: carrot on a grater;
  • Lunch: 150g steamed veal, herb salad 100g;
  • Snack: 150ml natural drinkable yogurt;
  • Dinner: 200g of steamed vegetables except potatoes with slices of minced meat of veal.
Diet for a week

Diet Week

Another very popular way to lose weight is diet "week", which lasts exactly 7 days. First of all, I have you write your menu, and then give your tips and Tricks for every day.


The first day:

Only beverages, such as tea, coffee without sugar, milk products, broths without salt and fat, vegetables and herbal teas, freshly squeezed juices, etc.

Tip: the Norm of the drink do not exceed 1L, except clear water. If you drink without measure, and then easily earn a lot of unnecessary calories. You can not sweet drinks, stewed with sugar, competent and juices to drink Also, just-pressed juices have a high glycemic index, so you gain even more weight than normal diet.

Second Day:

Only raw vegetables, such as carrots, beets, cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbage, broccoli, zucchini, radishes, pumpkin. You can RUB on a grater, salads to make, but also to stock up, you can add lemon juice only.

Tip: by placing the lettuce, wait until the vegetable juice is let out. In addition, you can drink water, tea without sugar, herbal teas

The Third Day:

You will be waiting for all kinds of drinks, but without the calories, and those that do not contain extra sugar or fat.

Tip: to more easily survive drinking days, they make Smoothies from vegetables, fruits, and wiped them in a blender, and the addition of the mineral water.

The fourth day:

Fruity day, so that there is no fruit.

Tip: do not eat more than 1-1,5 kg per day, because many fruits are so sweet that you will be able to exceed the daily calorie not a diet Person. You waive bananas and grapes, figs contain too much sugar.

The fifth day:

Protein day is the most filling. You can boiled meat, eggs, cottage cheese, fish, mushrooms.

Tip: I recommend no more than 350g of meat products, about 150g Quark with a fat content of up to 2%, 1-2 eggs. They, too, should provoke in the menu at least two to three cucumbers or tomatoes, no constipation.

lose weight quickly per week

The sixth day:

And again and again, drink, drink Kefir, fermented foods, bifidobacteria, vegetable and fruit juices. You can cook the broth, but the fat, remove and lightly salt.

Seventh Day:

This day will prepare you to return to a normal diet. But all of the parts, very small and extremely light.

  • Breakfast: Omelet, Tea;
  • Second Breakfast: low-fat yogurt;
  • Lunch: Chicken Soup;
  • Snack: 1 each fruit;
  • Dinner: vegetable salad, you can "Greek" with pieces of unsalted cheese or cheese "Mozzarella".

Diet "one week" by the reviews, gives good results. You can allow your weight to a 5-7kg because of the small portions:

  • shrink the stomach;
  • rid of the entire digestive tract;
  • dry the body;
  • you can show the excess fluid and toxins.

Another big Plus I find is the fact that after such a diet you will already be able to control your appetite. The body gets used much less, and you will not be tired of eating too little calories.

Diet for a week of PETA Wilson

The famous actress PETA Wilson uses his version of the diet for a week. Every day certain products are:

  1. Scalloped Potatoes 4-5 Pieces, 1.5 Liters Of Yogurt;
  2. 200-250g cooked chicken, 1L of butter milk;
  3. 200-250g beef stew, 1L of butter milk;
  4. 200-250g baked fish, 1L of butter milk;
  5. 400g fruit, 400g vegetables, 0.5 liters of yogurt;
  6. 3-4 boiled eggs, 1.5 liters of yogurt;
  7. Yogurt alternately with the water.
how to lose weight fast

I would not recommend such a diet, because basically it is a series of Protein and dairy products. Almost no vegetables and fruit (except on the fifth day), no food, the dietary fiber. This means that the metabolism is slowing down certainly, and the weight stops, first go fast, then on the spot.

How to lose weight fast

Way to lose weight fast can be found when a supporter of the right diet. Then you need to not hurry and lose weight for the holidays, for a birthday, the new year. You will always be in the Form, regardless of the season and the circumstances Losing weight is 7kg with the possible for the two weeks, in a month 10 kg can lose, but the correct and more reliable to not lose more than 1 kg per week or even less. So do not lose your health, you can save the elasticity of the skin, muscles, able, to get used to it, a little.