Water Melon Diet

Watermelon diet – this is one of the most effective ways to get rid of over the summer collected pounds, with her to minus 10 kg per week, the reality is. Such a diet program is not only seductive, the outline of the figure, but also saturates the body with vitamins and nutrients.

Water Melon Diet

Benefits and harms

The main advantage of water-melons is not slimming for easy portability and a lack of Hunger, which boast many other techniques. In addition, addicted to striped berries:

  • accelerating the metabolism;
  • the body of toxins and waste products;
  • cleanses the kidney stones;
  • the bowel movements returned to normal;
  • lowers the level of cholesterol;
  • minimizes the risk of the formation of cancer cells.

An impressive list of useful properties of the watermelon is due to its rich composition, is:

  • virtually all of the "Vitamin-ABC" – A, C, PP, B vitamins (B1,B2, B3, B6, B9);
  • Minerals K (Potassium), Ca (Calcium), Na (Sodium), Fe (Iron). Only 250 grams of fruit flesh eaten to fulfill the daily requirement of Magnesium;
  • Antioxidants – Niacin, Riboflavin, Thiamine, Ascorbic Acid, Lycopene, Carotene.

Useful water-melons in Gastritis, Hepatitis, heart diseases, anaemia, gall bladder disease, increased blood pressure, Arthritis and many other diseases. Help you and representatives of a strong half of mankind restore masculinity.

Abusing watermelons forbidden in renal disease, so in the case of Pyelonephritis, hydronephrosis, Glomerulonephritis, renal insufficiency, but also for gall stones and inflammation of the bladder, you should for other ways to lose weight. In no case can not use alcohol, such a "Cocktail" may be a strong upset stomach provoke combine. And even if there are no obvious prohibitions for watermelon menu, consult no, not necessarily a doctor's attention. If you put on a diet and a few days of pain are felt, stop immediately, similar diet.

How can you sit?

Classic watermelon weight loss System has been as one of the strictest. Despite the rich Vitamin composition of watermelon, eating only them for longer than 5 days in a row dangerous for the health. If the effect is you lose weight continues to delight, you need more than a balanced Variation, such as proteins and water-melons, watermelon, and yogurt, etc., all possible options are offered.

On how much you can remove?

The result of the watermelon methods depends on the length of the selected menu and of the individual characteristics of the organism. On average, 5 days, you can lose up to 4 kg, 7 days 6-8 kg are not rare lighter, but is also the result minus 10 kg per week is quite Real.


Watermelon effective diet is considered as a Mono-food, which means that it will only allow striped berries and a lot of drink – only water, green and herbal teas. The daily portion of the product is calculated from the weight: 10 kg allowed to eat 1 kg of pulp of watermelon.


For example, if your weight is 65 kg, then by simple calculations we find that per day you can consume no more than 6.5 kg of pulp of the berries.

1 day

For those who prefer one-day diets, the watermelon day. You need to eat calculated according to the formula portion of water melon by on 4-5 receptions and drink up to 1.5 liters of water or green tea.

2 days

Seen on the scale the next morning after watermelon day a solid lot, many do not intend to stop, and discharge for another day I want to renew. On the second day, only water and eat melon and drink are liable a lot of heart, and carbonated liquids.

For 3 Days

To eat for a long time, some only water-melons dangerous, so if you have a great result without harm for health, we advise you about the extensive menu.

Energy scheme for 3 days


  • 200 G of cottage cheese, minimal fat content;
  • 3 small slices of watermelon.


  • 2 medium slices of watermelon.


  • portion of rice porridge on the water;
  • Watermelon.


  • 50 grams of low-fat cottage cheese;
  • 2 Slices Of Watermelon.

The dinner is similar to lunch.

Known to be a variant of the three-dnevki is:

The first day

  • Breakfast: serving of oatmeal cooked with water; 300 G of water melon.
  • Lunch: a morning serving of watermelon.
  • Lunch: 100 gr. boiled chicken, salad of cucumber and green.
  • Snack: 300 G striped berries.
  • Dinner: 100 grams of low-fat cottage cheese; pear-tree.

The second day

  • Breakfast: salad made of watermelon, apples, persimmon with the addition of gedrrten plums.
  • Lunch: the usual serving of watermelon.
  • Lunch: a couple of Sandwiches made of black bread with low-fat cottage cheese and your favourite herbs.
  • Snack: welded-boiled egg welded soft.
  • Dinner: 400 G Of Watermelon.

The Third Day

  • Breakfast: portion of boiled in water Hirsebreis.
  • Lunch: a green Apple.
  • Lunch: 450 G Of Water Melon.
  • Snack: 200 grams of striped berries.
  • Dinner: 200 ml of a 1% yogurt.

5 days

The proposed 3-day menu you can stretch to 5. In General, over this period of time is up to 5 kg. per day not more than 5 pounds of watermelon to eat. To be allowed to drink in the morning a Cup of unsweetened black coffee.

For a week

If you lose for 7 days a few pounds, but it is not the intention to starve yourself, the below proposed power scheme.

Diet Menu

Ideas For Breakfast:

  • 120 ml green tea without added sugar;
  • serving favorite porridge without salt and oil;
  • Chicken egg (it can be boiled to be cooked, or to cook an omelette).


  • a Cup of tea or coffee;
  • 180 G of cottage cheese with a minimum fat content;
  • Fruit salad.

Options for lunch are:

  • Vegetable salad with olive oil;
  • 200 G lean fish, baked or steamed.


  • Vegetable soup;
  • Salad;
  • 150 gr. boiled beef/chicken breast.

Dinner (at least 3 hours before bedtime):

  • Watermelon (per 30 kg weight berries 1 kg).

10 days

In the presence of the excellent exposure and great desire to farewell to 6-8 pounds, the perfect solution to arrange a 10-day diet of water-melons. Menu options there are several, we offer a couple of.

A strict diet

For Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, or just the berry (split drink individually pre-measured dose of for 3 same parts), water, snacking, and schedule a, for this purpose, green Apple, peaches and plums is allowed.


For the next 10 days menu should be as follows


  • cooked oatmeal;
  • 1-2 slices of cheese mini fat content paint.


  • 250-gram piece of cooked, roasted or boiled, grilled lean meat, fish or chicken;
  • Salad of vegetables, with extra virgin olive oil.

Dinner (4-5 hours before bedtime):

  • Watermelon. The recommended serving is calculated according to the formula: weight/30.

To 14 Days

Only the toughest survive on the half-month, water melon menu. The reward for such a "feat" are departures kilograms – often you can lose up to 10 kg. Agree, this is a great Motivation.

Diet for 2 weeks


  • 300 G Of Watermelon.

After an hour:

  • 120 ml of green tea or black coffee without sugar;
  • Toast with a slice of low-fat cheese or 150 gr. low-fat yogurt.


  • portion of berries similar to what you ate for Breakfast.

An hour later:

  • serving of vegetable soup;
  • 150 gr. boiled white meat or fish.


  • 300 G Of Watermelon.

After an hour:

  • steamed or boiled vegetables.

Options Diet

If the proposed diet programs are not suitable for some parameters, you can pick up and move to a different menu. Fortunately, variations there are a dozen more.

Watermelon and melon

All people are divided into 2 categories – those water-melons and melons. If you are still undecided on which product you prefer, and do not suffer from Diabetes, diet try including both of them. The optimal duration – 9 days. During this time, you can not only lose up to 6 pounds, but to saturate the body of the mass of vitamins and useful elements, as in the melon contains sodium, chlorine, Magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sulfur, iron, vitamins A, C, PP, B1, B2.


The first day

  • Breakfast: 2 Toast; 3 Tablespoons Of Cottage Cheese; 200 G Of Melon.
  • Lunch: 150 gr. boiled lean fish; 200 grams of salad of melons, leaves of iceberg and slices of low-fat cheese, watered lemon juice.
  • Snack: 400 G Of Watermelon.
  • Dinner: 150 gr. cooked rice; a salad of carrots and apples; 100 G melons.

The second day

  • Breakfast: 1 welded soft-boiled egg; 150 G of berries striped; 120 ml of green tea without sugar.
  • Lunch: 100 grams of steamed non-starchy vegetables; 400 G melon; 150 ml of water.
  • Snack: 1 Cup of low-fat yogurt.
  • Dinner: 100 grams of lean poultry meat; 2 slices of Toast; 400 G of water melon.

The Third Day

  • Breakfast: 400 G of berries; yogurt and minimal fat content – 150 ml.
  • Lunch: 150 gr. cooked brown rice; 100 grams of chicken meat steamed; 400 G melon.
  • Snack: bread with bran; 120 ml of green tea.
  • Dinner: 150 grams of salad of cucumbers, peppers, radishes, and spinach; 1 boiled potato; 400 G of water melon.

According to the proposed three-day menu to replay. We remind you, the recommended duration of the programme, slimming, water-melons – 9 days.

Fruit salad

Watermelon and yogurt

Method of weight loss yogurt and water melon for 3 days. Efficiency due to the fact that dairy product, as well as "streifi", has a diuretic effect, and controls the speed of the digestion. You can consume yogurt with a mini fat percentage, daily dose 1 Liter of paint. In the course of the day, it is necessary to alternate the intake of 400 grams of berries and a Cup of butter milk every 3 hours. The System is designed for 3 days, during this time, a decrease in weight up to 3 kg, as well as normalizes the intestinal flora, improves the function of liver and kidneys, increases immunity.

Diet of water-melons and cucumbers

Cucumbers as well as watermelons contain many useful substances to give you the beauty of the skin, normalize the work of the intestine, prevent the development of diseases of the joints, the excess fluid from the body. The duration of the system removing, water-melons, and cucumbers – 14 days and includes the daily consumption of one kilogram of vegetables, the same amount of berries and liters of liquid. Allowed to eat during the day, a slice of rye bread, and a couple of hours before going to sleep you can afford a glass of butter milk.

In view of the poverty of the diet in the indicated period, it is recommended to refrain from excessive physical effort, a lot of rest in the fresh air, sleep not less than 8 hours per day and take Vitamin-Mineral complexes. Compliance with the recommendations helps to lose 2 weeks up to 15 pounds. But caution: in renal failure, gastric ulcer and Gastritis this method of weight loss is not suitable.

With Black Bread

Mono-diet practice for too long is unhealthy. If you intend to lose weight 6-10 pounds, combine eating watermelon with 1-2 slices of black bread, it is desirable drying in the oven, Toaster or on a dry pan. The duration of such an event – no longer than 10 days, during this time, you can more easily put on 10 kg

Watermelon and protein-rich food

There is still a water-melon diet, get rid of the 10 days, 6 pounds, and you don't need to starve. It is suitable for lovers of meat, and is considered to be balanced.

The essence of the program is that after each meal you need to eat a few slices of berries striped, it is also necessary, and snacking. The daily intake of the product – not less than 2 kg.

In order to achieve maximum results within 10 days, lean meat is allowed, like lean meats, fish, cheese with minimal fat and fat-free yogurt, drink 1% milk, water and green tea, but alcohol, candy and baked goods is recommended to refuse.

Watermelon and buckwheat

Another Option for a well-balanced diet that also helps more easily, benefits of buckwheat and striped berry. This menu allows you to effectively lose weight and not suffer from Hunger.

In the course of the day allowed, there are buckwheat porridge (daily rate – 1 kg), water melon (50 grams per every kilogram of weight, but not more than 5 kg), vegetable salads (to improve the taste, you are allowed to sprinkle them with lemon juice or with olive oil). Without restrictions, you can drink water, green tea and herbal teas. The dinner should not feel later than 17:00, if before you go to sleep hungry, drink a glass of low-fat yogurt.

Slices Of Watermelon

Watermelon and apples

After collecting the harvest in autumn is the perfect time for fruit and berries diet, which can help you lose up to 4 pounds in 5 days. Such a diet is not suitable for persons under Gastritis or ulcer.

To make use of in the course of the day, 1 Kilo of green apples and 1.5 kg of watermelon, due to the breakdown of the provisions on 5-6 meals. It is recommended the fruits in fresh Form, but when you bake them. Do not forget to drink plenty of fluids.

Water-melon and rice

Very useful program viewed, and decreasing water melons and rice. In effectiveness it is often compare to with a diet of water-melons and black bread. During the diet days, it is not allowed, there is nothing except berries and cooked brown or wild rice. Days serving of grits – 100 grams in the raw state, berries of – up to 500 grams per 10 kg of body weight.

On the water melon and cottage cheese

Lovers of dairy products, perhaps like weight loss System watermelon and curd, which allows a week you can lose up to 4 kg. In Quark a lot of useful bacteria and minerals does not contain, so, before removing, with neither Hunger, nor with skin problems, with discomfort in the stomach. The most important rule – not to be combined products during a recording.

Example menu


  • 200 G Of Milk-Products.

Lunch and dinner:

  • 2-3 Slices Of Watermelon.


  • 150 G Of Cottage Cheese.


  • the berry.

Watermelon diet for kidney

The ungnstige ecology, Junk Food, metabolic disorders – these and many other factors lead to the formation of kidney stones. The late alert can on this Problem to trigger, urosepsis, renal failure, hydronephrosis, calculous Pyelonephritis, and other problems. Striped a strong choleretic effect, has berry, which means that their use helps to clean the kidneys.


Output from the diet

For fastening of result it is important to know how to get out of them. Following the great days you limit the intake of starchy foods, fat, roasted and salted. Click on the protein you eat vegetables, boiled meat, steamed fish, yoghurt Drink, green tea. The usual servings you reduce half.