Drinking water diet, all of which are on the permitted exclusively products of fluid consistency, to be eaten, you can be sure, belong in the category of effective dietary regime, whose goal is the liberation of the body from excessive volume, and the largest number of pounds overweight. The developer of this diet is guaranteed to be in strict compliance with your nutritious diet in the course of 30 days, the reduction in the mass of the body at the level of 15-18 years of kilograms, the result for us is good enough, and in addition, complete cleaning and detoxification of the body.


Together with the fact that competent nutritionists indicate that drinking diet is in relation to the effective weight loss, but in terms of the intake of calories and nutrients is quite "hard" and is comparable to Hunger. Such experts warn that the compliance with these months disease dietary diet without any negative side effects on the part of the health, expressed in varying degrees of severity depending on the individual characteristics of the human organism, the psycho-emotional state, of accompanying, and many other factors.

Therefore, ask what the drink is lose diet as pounds with his compliance, what can you drink to food and drink to which consequences can be so "hard" Power-mode, a lot of men and women that will radically change you to go on your weight down and ready for all sorts of hardships In this article, these and other aspects of the drinking-diet as a combination of a positive and a negative character, not to forget, because in the fight against obesity is important, about the state of your own health, and get out of the diet after the victory over obesity, without doing damage to your body.


Like many other diet-diets-to-drink-diet for weight loss owes its origins to the official medicine and surgery in the first place. Especially in the case of planned operations on the organs of the digestive tract, mainly the intestines, surgeons in the past for a couple of days, until they transferred their patient on liquid food for the cleaning of the lumen of the intestine, that the facilitated procedure of the Operation and at the same time warned against the development of complications. In addition, the liquid food (soups, broths) will be consumed in the recommended patients in the postoperative period, to reduce the burden on the stomach and a quick restoration of the lost forces, and also weakened and exhausted people.


Actually, then, and it was found that the consumption of liquid foods promotes weight loss and, in addition, a positive effect on the functionality of a variety of important processes in the human body, suggested an idea, what it weight, with the aim of reducing the body. Interested nutritionists for a list of the most suitable, in their opinion, the diet drink of the liquid products and the maximum permissible duration of such a diet is, is 30 days was formed experimentally.

It should be immediately noted that diet is not to drink in a part of the input to the organism, macro- and micro-elements, vitamins and other necessary substances is very sparse, and the requirements and rules in relation to the ingested food and nutrient Regime strict enough and are not suitable for everyone. Nutritionists do not allow full compliance with the 30-day cycle, such a dietary food only in extreme cases, if other diets are not effective. To lose in addition, interested on this diet, weight man must health excellent physical and psychological, which is why it is recommended, before the start of the diet in advance, you will learn all about the condition of your body, for what, first and foremost, you need to.consultation with a nutritionist, psychologists, gastroenterologists and other specialists

The essence of drinking diet

The basic principle of drinking diet is a complete replacement of solid food to the liquid little-calorie food, should food be consumed all of the Option selected, diet. In this case, the slimming effect will make the significant reduction in the calorie content of the food, but also because of its quick digestibility and rapid excretion. The founder of this diet claim that acting with the liquid product of nutrients is sufficient to do the work of the whole organism, is, in practice, however, such a diet, in fact, a little Light Version of fasting.

Except for the effect, the authors of the drinking slimming diets promise a full detoxification and cleansing of the body, in particular, these processes of them and explained diet the need for a 30-day course of the diet.

The first decade of


The assurance of the creators of the drinking-diet in a given period of time, in addition to the clarification of the systems of the human body and mainly the colon, which could be due to the formation of Plaque on the tongue It is believed that this unpleasant Moment, is the standard detoxification of the body and require only superficial removal of the brush or the spoon in the process of cleaning the teeth. On the other hand, coating on the tongue can be the primary Symptom of problems with the organs of the digestive tract (Duodenitis, Gastritis).

The second decade

In this period, purge processes are concerned, already in-cavity emitters organs and especially the kidneys and the liver, the occurrence of various ailments. As in the previous case, such evidence is not of much value, although they point out to be able to the fact that a violation of the functions of these organs.

The Third Decade

During the last ten days, according to the supporters of the drinking diet, cleansing the body on a cellular level, without any discomfort on the part of all organs and systems of the human body, which in this Phase have the feeling that only the lightness and liveliness. In fact, many people such a diet to try, celebrated shortly before the end of the 30-days-diet-Marathon: pronounced weakness, irritability, pain in the area of the digestive system, headaches, depression, constipation or diarrhea, dizziness and other negative symptoms.

Due to the fact that in house conditions it is impossible to independently verify the harmlessness in all of the above-mentioned negative phenomena, the occurrence of better to the competent person, and in the further follow his instructions.

Embarking on a diet

Above all, drink diet, due to the strict restrictions of the authorisation of foods and their calorie content, requires a clear mind and a clear awareness of all possible risks of your compliance. In the case of the adoption of the decision, your body must prepare to be heavy and testing them before since the last week your body to the diet drinking diet. This is should in first line from your daily menu, all the Junk Food (fried and smoked foods, alcohol, sweets, fast Food, etc.) and gradually, and enriched his dishes, semi-liquid and liquid consistency (fruit, vegetables, cereals, soups, jams, juices, etc.). Also, you should make a habit to eat in small portions at least 5 times in the daytime, not at night and drink at least 1.5 liters of pure water per day.


Varieties Of Drinking Diet

Currently, there are several types of drinking diets that differ in the duration of the compliance significantly trimmed diet and some small variations dietary food. Short-term options for such a diet, the to 1 and 3 days, can you really belong in the category of useful slimming and digestive system, but also a relatively safe diets. Long-term diet-modes (from 7 to 30 days), despite their widespread promotion and advertising belong to the category of health-endangering diets, which increases the risk of negative effects with increasing duration.

Fasting day

The fasting days you can practice several times per month or once per week. Such a minimum after the time of the Power mode, the digestive system provides the ability to "rest" digestion of solid food and has a positive impact on your functionality. In addition, regular fasting days will help, both gradual weight loss and cleansing of the digestive tract. Feedback about the effectiveness of these varieties of drink diet in terms of weight reduction will vary from minus 0.5 to 2 kilograms per 24 hours, depending on the selected daily liquid menu.

Diet for 3 days

Three-days-drinking-Power mode, some nutritionists believe that optimum in terms of efficiency and safety for human health. Only for three days, such a diversity of diets you can excess weight rid your body from 3-5 years old kilograms without having managed to bring him any significant damage. In compliance with this variant of the diet is the complete cleaning of the digestive tract and normalization of metabolism. Dietary fluid intake to 3 days is particularly popular with people who want to lose weight, for example, for the summer or various holidays.

Diet for 7 days

Diet-to-drink-Power-mode for up to 7 days is already a good health, pre-treatment, large extracts, fluid output, and, of course, to be careful be attributed to potentially dangerous for the health methods of weight loss, you need. Menu for a week diet of the most popular that are allowed beverages be allowed to be independent, but for a higher efficiency, recommend, liquid dishes to compose a category, and distribute them to the days of the week (for example, on only drink meat broths, and on Thursday only fresh squeezed juices). On average, the diet for 7 days of drinking 5-7 kilos to get rid of excessive body weight.

Diet for 14 days

Two-week type of drink diet, in fact, repeats the previous diet, but takes twice as long, which increases the risks for the health. Menu, nutritious diet can be a previous Option after the days of the week, or even several dishes from different categories of terms in the course of the day. Weight loss is very significant, in the average of component 10 kilograms. You start this diet you can only on the recommendation of the nutritionist. The daily calorie content of all liquid products must pay call to the level of 1200-1400 kcal (some sources 800-1000 kcal). The Option diet people, health, stable physical and mental. You should in advance prepare your body to this diet leisurely to get him out of the diet and be prepared in the future, the principles of "proper nutrition practice". In addition, it should consider whether the additional intake of Mineral-Vitamin complex and a constant control of their own health.


Diet for 30 days

The most powerful and at the same time, the most dangerous type of diet drink, is almost always accompanied by various problems with health. The results of the thirty-days-slimming-diet reach lost values of up to 15-18 kg in weight, but this positive Feedback about such a variant of the diet in the majority of cases, to the end. A daily diet menu for 30 days consists of various liquid products, with the General calorie content of 1200-1400 kcal, 5-6 times in the bright time of the day. Those who drink ventured on this "hard" variant of the diet, people just need to go for good health and the enormous force of will.

Compliance with such a diet Regime can only be with the permission and under the constant supervision of a nutritionist. Obligatory is the parallel taking of a Mineral-Vitamin complex. You should be alert to the changes in your health, in time, all the negative symptoms celebrate and report them to your doctor. There is a greater likelihood of the development until the end of the diet many disease States, among which the most frequently observed: erosivno-azwenne shock syndrome, anemia, diarrhea/constipation, dizziness, "hungry" swelling, fainting, Depression, anorexia, concomitant infection. Negative phenomena can occur on the part of the pancreas, the liver, the kidneys, the skin and of the skin, immune, cardiac, sexual and other systems of the human body. In the case of identification with pronounced side effects diet recommend to terminate and the entire course of treatment assigned to literate competent doctor.


Prior to compliance with any kind of diet, you should drink with a qualified nutritionist.

In the case of the compliance with prolonged (and in particular 14 and 30 days) options drinking-to monitor diet carefully to their health and, in the case of any deterioration, you inform your doctor.

After the termination of the period of time chosen, the drinking water diet you must strictly follow the recommendations for the correct exit out of it and a further modification of the usual diet. Otherwise, you can weight not only the whole of the former, but also to increase its.