Diet for Gastritis: dishes from childhood, and entertainment without a beer, a shish kebab and cigarettes

Gastritis is called a disease of the century, we can find that 2/3 of the world's population. Often the disease is asymptomatic, however, inclined to Progression. Chronic Gastritis with time, stomach ulcers and even stomach cancer, can escalate. A healthy diet is not the only but an important part of the prevention and cure of diseases of the digestive tract. What is diet recommended for Gastritis: what is and is not a patient of a gastroenterologist?

Diet for Gastritis

Classification and diagnosis

Gastritis has a complex, branched classification. Doctors distinguish Gastritis according to the aetiology, the localization of the inflammatory process, the skin extent of damage to the mucous membrane, the character of acid-forming function.

For example, mark the erosive Gastritis. This Gastritis gastric mucosa of patients not only in error, to a further formation of ulcers. inflamed to your appear surface However, the Erosion is reaches muscle layer of the stomach wall. Deeper defects of the muscular layer, already speak about the existence of ulcers of the stomach.

The diagnosis of Gastritis and competently determine its appearance can only be a doctor according to the results of the special researches. Diagnosis of Helicobacter pylori is the endoscopic examination and sampling (biopsy) of the mucous membrane. Simplistically, patients call this procedure "swallow probe". Also there is a modern and pain-free way — breathing Tests. This method is for the diagnosis of infection, including, and in the body of the child.

The analysis of the blood, which can be recommended to the patients with suspected Gastritis, is not a sufficient basis for the confirmation or refutation of the diagnosis. This research is informative only to 40-50%.

Characteristics and symptoms

On a parochial level, it is important, an overview of the differences between acute and chronic forms of Gastritis. This is necessary in order not to "Miss" Problem, and in time, consult a specialist.

The acute Form

Acute Gastritis can be an acute inflammatory disease of the stomach. It arises as a result of the impact of various factors: mechanical, thermal, chemical, bacterial.

Thus, damage to the lining of the stomach spicy foods, alcohol, infections can skin. As well as a number of drugs. For example, Aspirin or antibiotics. In the list of causes of acute Gastritis — Stress. He can diseases against other survived. For example, the acute intestinal infection.

Signs of inflammation the Patient is noted in the first 12-24 hours after errors in diet or from contact with other precipitating factor.

Symptoms of acute Gastritis:

  • decreased appetite;
  • heaviness or pain in the upper abdomen — upper abdomen, the area covered triangle between the ribs;
  • in the mouth the specific taste of feel;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • observed unpleasant belching;
  • Dizziness and headaches;
  • felt lack of energy;
  • the chair becomes a liquid, and more;
  • there may be fever, but usually not higher than subfebrile.

The acute Gastritis manifests itself in a sudden and bright symptoms, which subsides quickly. In average, the seizures stop, already in the first 48 hours.

the chronic Form of Gastritis

The chronic Form

Such a Definition given the chronic and recurring inflammation of the mucous membrane of the stomach. The peculiarity is that the chronic Gastritis manifested symptoms. But in the mucous membrane of the stomach of the patient, however, occur in specific structural changes.

The Patient takes his regular discomfort in the abdomen for the banal malaise. In order to alleviate the condition, the swallowing of the advertised pills "by the heavy in the stomach". This is the usual rhythm of life retains, not knowing about the diagnosis of "Gastritis".

This disease is not necessarily the result of an acute Gastritis. On the contrary, more and more doctors are inclined to chronic Gastritis in patients as a separate disease, caused by a specific bacterium.

Doctors arguing over the symptoms and classification of this type of Gastritis. Often complaints of the patients do not correspond to the image that comes after the results of the endoscopic examination. In addition, chronic Gastritis, other problems with the organs of digestion of the patients are detected accidentally at the time of diagnosis.

However, some of the characteristic features of chronic Gastritis are to be identified:

  • èpigastral'nye pain or burning in the upper abdomen;
  • a feeling of satiety and fullness after meals;
  • Heartburn;
  • nausea;
  • Bloating in the upper abdomen;
  • belching;
  • Loss of appetite.

On the background of chronic diseases of the patients, atrophic Gastritis can develop. This means that the membranes no longer synthesize substances directly involved in digestion. The process of atrophy is irreversible, it belongs to precancerous States.

Diet Therapy: 5 Tips Gastroenterologist

Andrei Raids notes that the right diet for Gastritis plays an important, but not decisive role. Before you fit the patient's diet, it is important that the cause of the disease. In some cases, to the destruction of Helicobacter pylori infection the patient may be prescribed antibiotics. And here the treatment only the doctor should prescribe.

"How to eat with Gastritis? The diet starts with changes in the lifestyle of the patient. The first. When Gastritis is important, Smoking, use of strong and weak alcoholic drinks. Especially carbonated. The second. Strict adherence to the rules of personal Hygiene. Must cleanliness of hands will be taken in the office and at home use a separate Cup, in time, change your toothbrush," advises Andrei Vasilyevich.

In relation to the organization of nutrition for Gastritis, the doctor advises the patient to five important rules.

  1. Split-Menu. Diet for Gastritis must be more common. But it must be in small portions in regular intervals. The best Option: the Patient eats four to five times a day, every three hours. The last meal no later than 19:00. All the food that the patients with the diagnosis of "Gastritis" should be well chewed.
  2. The processing of food. Gastritis products must be heat-treated. Also vegetables and fruit in raw Form — it is an exceptional case. The meat and the fish chunks. These products separated from the bones, skin, tendons and prepare you in the Form of croquettes, meatballs, stuffed cabbage.
  3. The preparation of the dishes. Patients with Gastritis is prohibited to strong hot or very cold food. Food you can cook, stew, boil or bake without a crust. Nothing fried, pickled, canned food, salty in the diagnosis of "Gastritis". Cook porridge on the water or on the half of the milk, without Butter. In addition, Gastritis in the acute stage, and in the presence of marked clinical symptoms, it is better, through recommendations for the preparation of food, which are therapeutic diet № 1. In particular, food-preferred food in a shabby. State Soufflé or pie products, as well as a Mixer. Table number 1 is typically assigned, during the exacerbation of peptic ulcers.
  4. To drink a lot. In the case of Gastritis much should drink. Especially alkaline drinks without carbonic acid. Patients with Gastritis are such water: "Essentuki", "Borjomi", "myrhorodska". Extinguish with carbon dioxide, to open the bottle and put it in a bowl with warm water for 20 minutes. The drink is useful before meals. In addition to the medicinal water, in the case of Gastritis patients compotes from dried shows berry fruit and fresh.
  5. The first dishes. Soups are obligatory in the diet of patients with Gastritis. However, preferably, vegetarian recipes, or second-third low-fat meat soup.

In many ways, the dietary diet for Gastritis menu, recommended children's recalls in the first years of life. There is no place here for the, grilled and sweet. The meals are without spices, and with a minimal number of spices taste paint. And to facilitate the process of digestion, the food, if possible, crushed.

Table 5

Why it is recommended that the table № 5

Patients with chronic Gastritis have no the recommendations of the diet (the medical background) 5. Table number 5 is also known as hepatic, because it contributes to the improvement of the work of the eponymous organ.

Nutrition to the fifth table for Gastritis, against the background of drug treatment helps to reduce the inflammation of the mucous membrane of the stomach, normalizes the work of organs of the digestive tract.

With this diet, there are species with appropriate markings. In this embodiment, the main menu of forms adapted to the needs of patients with other diagnoses. For example, table number 5P prescribe in acute pancreatitis or exacerbation of chronic pancreatitis. And diet № 5A, it is recommended that patients with diseases of the liver and gall bladder.

The fifth table is advised and patients with overweight for a safe weight loss. This menu allows you to figure in order to bring gradually, without harm to health. On such a diet for a Person is not fasting, eat a balanced diet. Patients hold the fifth table, you will notice the improvement in the condition of skin, hair and a boost of energy.

Diet for Gastritis: sample ration for a week

Patient, advise the diet for Gastritis, you in advance you are planning your menus for a week with recipes. To avoid a clear plan of action harmful snacking. Much easier than in the refrigerator of the patients the necessary products. And the man knows how and that it is possible to cook quickly.

Below you will find a rough Plan of the weeks of the diet of the patient, gets the treatment of chronic Gastritis. Is described in the menu, in the books, the clinical dietetics and clinical nutrition.


  • Morning — 7:00 PM. Oatmeal with scrambled eggs from egg whites. Tea.
  • Gain — 10:00 PM. Baked apples.
  • Lunch — 13:00. Vegetables, low-fat soup. Rice porridge with boiled chicken. The Compote.
  • Reinforcement — 16:00. Sweet Crackers. Drink made of rose hips.
  • Dinner — 18:30-19:00. Mashed potatoes with a piece of lean fish. Semolina Pudding. Kissel.
  • In the night. A glass of low-fat yogurt.


  • Morning — 7:00 PM. Fish-cutlets, stewed. Salt potatoes. Tea.
  • Gain — 10:00 PM. Low-Fat Cottage Cheese.
  • Lunch — 13:00. Soup with barley and vegetables. Buckwheat porridge with boiled meat. The Compote.
  • Reinforcement — 16:00. Sweet Crackers. Carrot juice.
  • Dinner — 18:30-19:00. Chicken croquettes, baked in the oven. Mashed potatoes on the water. Apple pie. Tea.
  • In the night at 21:00. A glass of low-fat yogurt.


  • Morning — 7:00 PM. Rice porridge with meat from the Turkey. Tea with milk.
  • Gain — 10:00 PM. Curd casserole with low-fat sour cream.
  • Lunch — 13:00. Vegetable soup. Cutlets of meat of rabbits, stewed stew with vegetables. The Compote.
  • Reinforcement — 16:00. Sweet Crackers. Drink made of rose hips.
  • Dinner — 18:30-19:00. Oats to half the milk with chicken meatballs. Juice from fresh berries.
  • In the night at 21:00. A glass of low-fat yogurt.


  • Morning — 7:00 PM. Buckwheat porridge with Protein omelet. Tea with milk.
  • Gain — 10:00 PM. Kissel.
  • Lunch — 13:00. Vegetable soup. Chicken croquettes mashed potatoes from boiled vegetables. The Compote.
  • Reinforcement — 16:00. Sweet Crackers. Compote of dried fruits.
  • Dinner — 18:30-19:00. Mashed potatoes on the water with the cooked fish. Tea.
  • In the night at 21:00. A glass of low-fat yogurt.


  • Morning— 7:00 PM. Otvarnoy the language. Semolina porridge on the half of the milk. Tea.
  • Gain — 10:00 PM. Baked Apple.
  • Lunch — 13:00. Vegetable soup with fine noodles. Mashed potatoes on the water, with the cooked meat of the Turkey. The Compote.
  • Reinforcement — 16:00. Not greasy biscuits. Drink made of rose hips.
  • Dinner — 18:30-19:00. Potato gratin with minced meat. Tea.
  • In the night at 21:00. A glass of low-fat yogurt.
Menu for Gastritis


  • Morning — 7:00 PM. Meat casserole, baked in the oven. Oatmeal on the half of the milk. Tea.
  • Gain — 10:00 PM. Casserole Carrots Apple.
  • Lunch — 13:00. Vegetable-Rice Soup. Buckwheat porridge with steamed chips from the flesh of the rabbit. Carrot-Banana Juice.
  • Reinforcement — 16:00. Sweet Crackers. Tea.
  • Dinner — 18:30-19:00. Mashed potatoes on the water. Boiled Fish. Drink made of rose hips.
  • In the night at 21:00. A glass of low-fat yogurt.


  • Morning — 7:00 PM. Oatmeal on the half of the milk. Steamed fish patties and low-fat varieties of fish. Tea.
  • Gain — 10:00 PM. Low-Fat Cream Cheese. Baked Apple.
  • Lunch — 13:00. Vegetable soup. Boiled Potatoes. Beef Stroganoff of beef. The Compote.
  • Reinforcement — 16:00. Sweet Crackers. Tea.
  • Dinner — 18:30-19:00. Fish, baked in the oven. Mashed cooked carrots. Tea.
  • In the night at 21:00. A glass of low-fat yogurt.

Similar diet ordered as Gastritis in children, as well as Gastritis in adults. The exception of children up to one year. Individual treatment prescribed for pregnant patients and women during breast-feeding. Here, diet can be expanded, changed. It is important that the woman received the maximum nutrients from the food. Since there are no vitamins in pills are not in the position, in competition with natural products.

How much must be ignored, diet for Gastritis stomach? Strict monitoring is necessary in the event of aggravation, and in the first few months. But in the ideal case, the Patient with the diagnosis of "Gastritis" on the recommended table and during Remission. Although, the extension of the menus and festive, exceptions are possible. If only within limits, and when it comes to coffee, cigarettes, alcohol, and oily food.